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Ciggy gets a new chassis

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 Poor Mud doesn’t seem to have much luck when it comes to delivery of the things he most wants.

New ChassisFirst the snow delayed the arrival of Ciggy, at the start of last year, by around 2 weeks, although to hear Mud tell it you could be mistaken for thinking it was much, much longer. Then a set of unfortunate but unavoidable circumstances, meant that the brand new, galvanised chassis didn’t arrived at its’ appointed time of 6am, one cold, dark Tuesday morning in late October.

Unfortunately Mud had been up and out by 5.30am “In case they’re a bit early” and so had suffered a double whammy which quickly became a triple calamity when the chassis company apologetically explained that the earliest time they could reschedule the delivery for, was the following Thursday. As Mud had taken a week off, for the sole purpose of being able to take delivery of the new chassis, admire it, take pictures of it and then discuss its’ beauty in Virtual Landy World, he wasn’t the happiest chap in the world at this point.

Thankfully for both my sanity and Muds continued residence in the house (he had come within a whisker of being exiled to the workshop), the chassis company phoned back an hour or so later with a revised delivery date of 6am that Thursday. Christmas had come early and all was well with Muds’ world.

So 2 mornings later, at 5.45am, a small flat bed pulled up outside, loaded with 4 chassis’. Mud was grinning fit to burst, as the winch was attached to the top one and his pride and joy was lifted of the pile and ‘delivered’. Unfortunately for the sleeping neighbours, the winch motor was feeling a bit poorly, sounded like a tractor being revved in the wrong gear and gave up the ghost, completely, mid swing.

There followed 10 minutes of frantic, ear-achingly noisy activity, as the winch operator attempted to get the motor started again. Finally, the operator succeeded and the chassis was lowered gently onto the drive. Thankfully, between them Mud and the 2 delivery men didn’t need my help to carry it into the workshop and it was carefully lowered onto it’s side, and left to rest against the workshop wall.

Due to the lack of light in the workshop, Mud had another wait, albeit just a couple of hours, until he was able to truly appreciate the beauty of his new toy, take photos and then proudly post them on Virtual Landy World with levels of joy and pride most normal people reserve for important family events, such as the birth of their children.

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