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2012 – A Positive Me

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I think it is fair to say that most of the resolutions that are made at the start of each new year, have fallen by the wayside by the end of January and only a tiny percentage actually make it to fruition, so to speak.

Personally, I believe this is due, to a large extent, to the fact that most resolutions are made whilst the buoyancy, merriness and good cheer of the festive season is still upon us and certainly before the New Year bubbly has left our systems, before trimmings are down and before the reality of the credit card bills, bank statements and the worst of the cold, dark winter has bitten us on the nose – hard!

Added to all this is the fact that we are an impatient species and we want what we want now, not tomorrow or 6 months down the line and so many of the resolutions made, such as stopping smoking or losing weigh, are doomed to fail almost before they are uttered. Yes, I think it is fair to say that in the sober light of the morning after, the emptiness left when the trimmings are back in their boxes in the attic, the realisation that you used more of the Bank Managers’ money to fund Christmas than you had planned and the gloomy depths of winter, it really is no surprise that so many of us lose the enthusiasm to follow through on our promises to ourselves, so very quickly.

I have often thought that making resolutions at the start of the fiscal year would be more productive and increase the chances of success because, putting aside depressing things such as budget statements and the like, the worst of the winter is (hopefully) behind us and spring brings with it longer days, brighter weather and a much more hopeful and positive outlook on life in general. This would be the more realistic and sensible time for life changing declarations but ‘Fiscal Year Resolutions’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

So this year I decided to set myself, an attainable target. One that I could work away at each day. Baby steps towards a bigger goal because I believe that if I can achieve this years’ resolution then the resolutions of the previous 25 years or so of adulthood, could then actually be more achievable.

So here it is, my resolution for 2012 (drum roll please):

My resolution is to be more like my younger self, that is to say more positive, happy and a smile for everyone (well okay, maybe not quite everyone but I’ll do my best).

There you have it! And so it begins – baby steps. One positive thing to be found from each and every day, a smile on my face and the beauty of it is that the positive thing doesn’t actually have to make sense to anybody else. It just has to be something I found uplifting or positive. A long time ago, someone told me that you can change your fortunes by changing your mental state – think positive and happiness will follow suit.


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