The Land Rover Owners Wife

What comes out, must go back in! Surely?

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Some things are a given and we accept that they are so and deal with it.

Take suitcases or overnight bags , for example, it is a given that when it comes time to repack them ready for the journey home, you will not be able to fit everything back in, no matter how careful you are.

In Muds’ case it’ the various tools and Ciggy components that are stored in the workshop. Move half a dozen items to reach whatever it is that you need (why is it always at the very back of the shelf?) and no matter how careful he is, he can never get them all to fit the available space again.

I find this with the Christmas decorations. I unpack 4 burgeoning boxes of them on December 1st and come January, I simply can’t get them back in and have to find another box. I wouldn’t mind if we bought oodles of new deccies each year but we don’t. The Mudlets each get to choose a new, small decoration every year and yet, somehow, we end up needing another enormous box to allow them all to be packed away safely.

So it was with some trepidation that I set about the task of undressing the tree and taking down the ornaments, streamers and window stickers. At that it took me the best part of 4 hours to get everything down and into individual boxes or wrapped in tissue paper, ready for packing into the large, storage boxes.

Half an hour later and everything was safely packed away, including the latest set of family cards (I always keep them) and amazingly I still had the same number or boxes that I had unpacked on December 1st!


Of course we did give some of the streamers, the multi-coloured ones that we didn’t want anymore, to the Eldest Mudlet for her flat and threw in some of the home made contributions for her sisters – with their permission I hasten to add.

The very broken fibre-optic 12 inch Christmas tree also disappeared but in the direction of the round filing cabinet this time, along with some odds and ends of broken baubles and dog eared snowflakes etc. Not forgetting the broken set of tree lights which also went the way of the black bin.

Mind you we did have 4 new things to pack away this time, so I am, quite rightly in my opinion, going to claim great skill at successfully taking down the trimmings and restoring the cottage to it’s normal self.

The boxes are now ready to go back into the attic, where it falls to Mud to slot them back into the space from whence they came, a relatively easy job one would imagine but lets not forget that some things are a given and we accept that they are so and we deal with it ……….. not being able to pack boxes back into the space from which they came, is certainly on of these!


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