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The great toy sort out

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Toy sorting and tidying is definitely one of those jobs best done whilst the Mudlets are at school. Even so, it’s still a daunting task and not one for the fainthearted.

Santa had been his usual generous self and the two youngest had received quite a respectable haul of booty come Christmas morning. Now I was faced with mission impossible – finding homes for all the new things without removing any of their favourite old toys. This called for a stiff drink (which we didn’t have) and so I settled for a cup of coffee, a packet of biscuits and an hour of day-time TV while I psyched myself up for the inevitable.

I decided to start with Middle Mudlets’ room. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was in quite good order for a 7 year old and the job was done and dusted in a little over 2 hours.

Shelves, cupboards and storage boxes had been thoroughly overhauled and I now had 2 black bin bags of items for the attic and another couple for the other attice (that would be the big black one! Outside! On wheels! Owned by the council!).

It was strange though, looking around her finished room.

Gone were the ‘My Little Ponies’ which she had stopped playing with ages ago, now destined for safe storage int eh proper attic, as were the wooden toys she’d had from toddlerhood and which had been on display on her shelf.

In their place? The Barbie or Bratz dolls you would expect to see in a 7 year old girls room? Or maybe Hannah Montana or High School Musical merchandise?

Nope! Not in Middle Mudelts room. Instead a dozen fragile looking Lego model cars, planes and lorries, various Atlantis sets and not forgetting, taking pride of place, the Space Shuttle, now adorn her room.Lego Space Shuttle and space centre

Little Mudlets room is much smaller and that makes it harder to fit her things in. Added to this is the fact that as she is an October baby, I had already gone through this very process, just a few weeks before Christmas, whilst trying to find space for all the gifts she’d received from her friends and us. Now I had to do it all again.

Another thing that makes this room harder is that Little Mudlet is very like Mud, in so much as she notices any little changes that are made around her and she doesn’t like change at all. She is always first to spot new things and to notice when something isn’t quite where it is supposed to be, or when something is missing. This makes ‘sort and tidy’ days even more fraught. However, the job had to be done and another 2 black bags of old toys, books and games, were soon ready for the indoor attic and half a bag was set aside for the outdoor one.

It was with a lot of trepidation that I collected the girls from school that evening. Little Mudlet, true to form, realised immediately that the Christmas toys had been moved from the lounge and so both Mudlets charged upstairs to see what was what.

I waited and I waited but not one single outraged howl reached me. Instead, squeals of delight and happiness could be heard as both saw what I had done to their rooms. Finally Little Mudlet came down with a huge smile on her face and gave me a big hug.

“I love my room mummy,” she said,”I’m so proud (one of her favourite words at the moment) of what you’ve done.”


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