The Land Rover Owners Wife

A List Cleared

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It’s rare that I can say that I have ended the day having achieved all that I had set out to do that day but this is one of them.

Granted I didn’t have any mountains to climb, unless changing the bedding on all three rooms, two of which had substantial mountains of toys which had to be scaled first, counts and there was no inherent danger associated with other tasks, although Muds’ socks in the laundry basket could be considered a biological hazard.

Whatever, I can happily proceed into the weekend knowing that all the jobs I set myself today are finished ……………………………………………. and I can ignore completely those that still need to be done but weren’t actually on todays’ list.

No point in getting hung up on meaningless detail 🙂

I set myself a target and I reached it. Doesn’t mean I have to set myself a revised one. Coffee and biscuits time I think …..


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