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Big boys toy and the snow

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We awoke this morning to a sight which brought joy to the hearts of every child in the village and resigned acceptance of a long and trying few days for every adult. Well nearly every adult.

Annie in the snow 2012

Mud was the biggest kid of them all! Nigh on dancing around the house, as he contemplated a couple of hours of fun, playing with Annie in the 10-18 inches of snow that had fallen overnight.

“I have to make sure the 4WD works,” he said with barely suppressed glee,”After all, we’ve not had the chance to try it out and it may well be broken.”

He was truly like a kid at Christmas, knowing Santa has been and that the great man had delivered everything on his wish list and now he couldn’t wait to get outside and play!

To be fair, it had been over a decade since he’d had a vehicle capable of going off road or driving in deep snow for fun. Our Jap pick-up truck had the capability to a point and had managed adequately in 2010 when 8 inches of snow pretty much stopped all traffic in and out of the village for a few days. However, like all modern, so called off-roaders, it wasn’t really and it couldn’t hold a candle to the Series Land Rover.

So it was little wonder that Mud found the urge to get out and test Annies’ 4WD, irresistible and he did in fact prove that she was happy and able to perform in these arctic conditions. Her natural habitat he called it.

As for the Mudlets, they were just as quickly out of the door, wrapped up in several layers of clothing, building snowmen in the back garden, having snowball fights and generally having fun being cold. They could only manage half hour stints though and would come in, get warm and then go back out again for another dose of snow fun.

So today I’ve had 2 little and 1 big kid to cope with and each and every one of them is a happy, contented creature this evening.


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