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Dixon of Dock Green, marshmallows and making a memory

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My girls are really lucky in so much that they have a fantastic daddy and Mud adores his three girls, even the Eldest one at 4am on a Sunday morning when we receive a phone call from her boyfriend asking if she made it home!Toasting Marsh Mallows

Now bearing in mind that the Eldest Mudlet had already left home at this time and was living the other side oft he river some 20 miles away, this phone call had a perhaps not entirely unexpected effect on Mud and I and it was Muds’ cursing and promises of dire consequences next time he saw her, that proved how much she meant to him.

But I digress (again).

The problem with Mud is that he and I had totally different upbringings and this is the most apparent in our attitudes about what constitutes a proper ‘treat’ for the girls. As a young boy Mud and his sister were taken out by their dad on visits all over the place and this is where Muds’ love of castles has stemmed from. He still has the pamphlets about many of the castles and houses he visited, in a box, in the attic. In addition they would often all go our as a family for Sunday lunch, to give his mum a break. As a result he has lots of lovely memories and happy recollections of these trips.

I, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky in that respect. We didn’t go on many day trips as we couldn’t afford them but that said I do have some very happy memories of being bought an ounce of liquorice torpedoes every Friday night and crunching away on them as we watched ‘It’s a knock out’, or having high tea, on the rug in front of the fire, on occasional Sundays and I think it was either ‘Dixon of Dock Green’ or ‘Z-Cars’ that we were watching.

Oh and what a high tea it was: toast and jam,; crumpets; and McVites Ginger Cake. Even now the sight of a Jamaican Ginger Cake in the shops, brings back a huge wave of nostalgia, as does toasted crumpets and I still adore Liquorice Torpedoes.

And this is my point to Mud. He would dearly love to give the girls his childhood, taking them to all the places he went to, going out for Sunday lunch (yes please) and generally giving them good, quality memories but it simply isn’t possible at the moment.

It’s not like they don’t ever get to go places because we do take them out several times a year but just not as often or to the type of places as daddy did at their age. Mind you I have to say that there isn’t that many places near us and we have visited most of the ones within easy traveling distance.

Today, however, Mud gave the girls one of the best sorts of memories I think you can have. The sort that will always be triggered by a taste or a smell (toasted marshmallows in this case). The 3 of them were happily sitting on the rug, in the lounge with a bowl full of marshmallows, the skewers from the BBQ and the door of the wood burner open, toasting the mallows until they were just about to melt and then cramming them into their mouths. The house was full of excited squeals and shouts of “Quick daddy, it’s going to melt.”

This was followed, half an hour later, with the girls and I dancing like lunatics to ‘Reach’ which had been hastily, with much giggling and anticipation, selected from the CD hard drive, whilst Mud was making coffee, and we were playing it quite loudly in the sure and certain knowledge that it would be driving daddy crackers as he really doesn’t like the song at all.

More wonderful childhood memories and images that will always be associated with the song and marshmallows and which will stay with them forever.


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