The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again

Gardener or sympathetic wife? Which shall I choose …………

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I always love the smell and look of the garden after rainfall. It is so fresh and lush looking, especially following a prolonged dry spell. Virtually overnight, the lawn has changed from a dull, lack lustre green/brown to a wonderful fresh green colour and the blackbirds are having a wonderful breakfast consisting wholly it seems, of fat, juicy worms.

Improved levels in Victorian WellThe drooping leaves of the spring flowers have perked up and the well has risen by 2 house brick depths overnight. Unfortunately, the millions of seeds that have fallen from one of the neighbours trees have also utilised the rain and as I look around my vegetable beds, I can see a carpet of green seedlings, none of which I have sown, but which I will now have to spend an hour or so pulling up.

I’m not complaining though, as it is as welcoming a sight as frustrating, heralding as it does, the wonderfully saturated ground which is a start to getting the drought restrictions lifted for both farmers and private growers alike. We have a way to go though before the shortfall (excuse the pun) of rain over the last 2 years or so is compensated for but it’s a start.

Mud, is still not very impressed but, as I pointed out to him with some relish, at least the prediction of heavy snowfall, forecast on the news last night and which had sunk him further into despondency, hasn’t materialised and we should be grateful for small mercies.

However, we don’t call him Victor Meldrew for nothing and before long he had found something else to grumble about ….. the strong winds. Enthusiastically following my policy of positive thought I did point out to him that it was likely these very winds that had prevented the snow from appearing, by blowing the clouds passed us. I wouldn’t say that Muds’ reaction to my comments was all that I could have wished for, in fact, I don’t think he likes this habit I’ve developed of finding the positive in every situation – I believe it may be driving him slightly mad ……..

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