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With the Easter holidays set to last two whole weeks, I worried quite a lot about what would happen to the seedlings that had already emerged from the first Gardening Club sowings. I knew that I would have access to the Polytunnel for the first week but the plethora of delicate seedlings, that were being housed on various school windowsills would be a different story altogether.

Windowsill propagatorOn the last day of term I made the decision to bring the more sensitive ones home with me and hoped those in the Polytunnel would cope with being left to their own devices because although I would be able to and did check on them during this first week, next week it is unlikely that I will be able have access to them and will have to wait until the school reopens.

So I reconstructed my highly technical and supremely well engineered (and maybe I should patent) bubble wrap and bamboo cane, greenhouse cloche, which had worked really well with my chillis last year, and moved the school propagator and seedlings into it. My own seedlings were cosily living it up on the windowsills of our cottage so there was no tussle for available space to worry about.

Now I had two lots of seedlings to worry about and fuss over but it was the school ones that I had most concern for. Not because they were weaker looking specimens but because the children had sown these seeds and as a result I felt a lot of pressure to keep them alive and growing nicely. Disappointed and disillusioned children were not an option in my book.

Naturally, as a grower, I would expect a certain percentage of loss or non-germination across each variety of seedling/seed but unbelievably, today, one week on, all the seedlings are well and growing nicely and the propagator has new seedlings in each cell, apart from the Sweet Peppers which aren’t expected to be through for another week anyway.

This is excellent news but next week will be a long one in terms of the Vegetable Growing me, as I worry about the Polytunnel and how my charges are fairing in there. I never thought I’d be so grateful for cool, damp weather during a school holiday.


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