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Mummy me time

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Mummy “me time” is a rare commodity in our household and so I tend to make the most of the opportunities I get.

Take today for example. It was chucking it down, my umbrella was broken and although I needed some shopping, there was nothing so urgent that it couldn’t have waited a day or two when the weather may have been slightly more inviting.

But after 2 weeks of Easter holidays with not only the Mudlets but Mud himself at home for the duration, I was more than ready for some solitary time window shopping and nothing short of a monsoon was going to stop me.

So the Mudlets were in school by 8.50am (wet morning drop off is fabulous as they children go straight in);

By 9am Mud was snug in the home office (a beat up old caravan in the back garden) hard at work; and

By 9.01am I was in Annie on my way to town.

I love driving Annie! What she lacks in modern conveniences, she more than makes up for in character. She has no power steering, the ride is akin to a bucking bronco and her roof and windows leak which makes for an interesting experience in wet weather. But there is something about an old Series truck which makes it almost impossible not to smile whilst driving, no matter what the weather, noise or road conditions.

A short while later and I was walking around town huddling under the meagre protection of Middle Mudlets Winnie-the-Pooh umbrella, taking my time, no Mud nagging about the time I was taking, no Mudlets asking for sweets and/or toys. Pure bliss.

I rounded my trip off with a visit to Sally Anns café and charity shop (Salvation Army to those who don’t know) where I enjoyed a pot of tea whilst reading the first chapter of the book I had found in the shop section.

Me time – priceless.

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