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Seedling ER and a lesson learnt!

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 In life there are economies and then there are false economies and using last years left over compost falls, it would appear, into the latter of these categories.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I would like to point out at this juncture that the compost I used to re-pot the first batch of seedlings, was from a previously unopened bag and so I thought, quite naturally I think, that the contents would be okay.

However, it became clear in a relatively short space of time that the seedlings weren’t overly happy in their new pots.Sickly seedlings just after repotting

At first I thought that maybe with the wet and very cold weather the dining room which is situated between the kitchen and the back door, was a little too chilly for them and so I moved the whole lot into the kitchen, as close to the Rayburn as I could manage, in the hope that this would encourage them to put out more roots and start growing.

It didn’t.

So I came to the conclusion that it was possibly the compost that was at fault and so today Mud trundled off to the Garden Centre in Annie and came back with 8 x 25kg bags of compost (4 for £10) and 4 x 60ltr grow-bags (2 for £6).

I spent the next couple of hours potting all the tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers and most of the chillis into the compost from one of the grow bags and the various squashes into normal compost. I still have a few chillis to re-pot and all of the greenhouse seedlings and I hope to have finished the lot by tomorrow evening.

So the first two photo’s show what the seedlings looked like after I had finished re-potting them into the new compost. You can see the yellowing and floppy bottom leaves on several of the plants and also how very small some of them are:

These next two pictures  have been taken a couple of weeks later (13th May 2012). They are the tomato plants shown in the first photo (including the particularly small one that was at the front of the tray in the second shot) and also some of the chilli peppers. The chillis have taken much longer to recover but they have all made massive improvements compared to what they looked like 2 weeks ago:Seedlings recovering 2 weeks laterSeedlings recovering 2 weeks later

Lesson learned: In terms of compost, fresh is definitely better for seedlings. I will use the last of the old stuff to earth up my King Edward potatoes.

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