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Annie gets a hard top

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The main reason behind the purchase of Annie has always been that, as a 109” Land Rover, she is the natural successor to our Jap’ pick-up truck which is fast approaching terminal status and should have retired 12-18 months ago. Annies hard top

As a truck cab, Annie was unable to fulfil her full potential as a family car and so Mud has been on the look out for either a full tilt (canvas soft top with windows to you and me), forward facing seats and 2 bench seats for good measure, in the load bed or a hardtop with seats as mentioned.

Both options were costing up as quite pricey until a member of Muds’ virtual Landy World, mentioned that he had a hardtop going spare and only wanted £50 for it. Unfortunately, he lived a couple of hundred miles away which proved a bit of a problem in terms of collection.

Fortunately for Mud he is married to me and to me the solution was obvious:

“Drive Annie down as a hardtop,” I suggested. ”Then drive her back as a van with the truck cab in the load bed.”

Muds’ face lit up when he realised that this was indeed the solution to the problem. That is the beauty of Land Rovers (well series ones anyway). They are interchangeable and swapping the truck cab for a hardtop on some ones drive really is that simple – relatively speaking.

So this morning Mud got up really early and drove Annie down to the home of the hardtop and, with the help of another Virtual Landy World member swapped the tops over in just 2 hours.Annies hard top

Several hours later her reversed back onto our drive and Annie was virtually unrecognisable in her new top. Now all we have to do is fit side windows and seats with belts and she will have become a true family car.

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