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An 8 year old plus a box of bricks equals Lego Quidditch

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I think I may have mentioned in the past that Middle Mudlet is a bit of a tomboy and likes nothing better than to make Lego models, either using pre-packed kits with instruction leaflets or by using her extensive imagination and building what I feel are quite impressive models from the boxes of Lego bricks in her room.Lego Qudditch pitch

Sunday was a case in point. She had spent most of the day building a replica of the stables I had made for her little sister. A little later on she settled down to watch ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone’ which was airing on ITV1 and which is a book and film that she enjoys immensely. She has a particular fascination for the game of Quidditch but then most Harry Potter fans do.

Lego Qudditch pitchWhen the film had finished, she decided that she was going to demolish her stables and build a Quidditch pitch instead. It took the rest of Sunday evening, Monday morning before school and most of Monday evening after school but by the time she had finished, she had produced a pretty decent representation of the pitch, complete with stadium for the mini-figures and two teams of mini-figures holding ‘broomsticks’ which consisted of various Lego lances, spears and poles.Lego Qudditch pitch

As for Little Mudlet, she informed me that the owners of her  Lego stables had got another horse and she needed another stall adding to her existing stable block and please could I build it for her whilst she was at school. She had already added the road base plates as a ‘lane’ and attached a green base plate with fence, as a paddock.

Remodeling the top corner of the stable block took quite a bit of planning and thought, as I had to demolish part of the tack room and the outside walls of two of the stalls, to enable me to attached another smaller base plate and to facilitate the ‘keying-in’ of the existing structure to the new section to give it strength. It took about 1.5 hours in total and she ended up with a ninth stall and all the stalls are still exactly the same size. Needless to say she was delighted when she got home.Lego extended stables

Some of the bricks our girls have, are actually Muds’ from when he was a boy and we have bought boxes of mixed bricks to add to their general bricks boxes. Both girls also have specific models although Little Mudlet only has a few, preferring fairies and dolls but our 8 year old has spent hours, painstakingly building her Atlantis, Chinook, Space Shuttle and Mine sets, for example, and these are arranged on shelves in her room. She plays with them but they never get demolished as she is so very proud of them all.Lego models

Other parents have often commented about how expensive Lego is but if you work out the ratio of cost to the total hours of fun our girls (and the young Mud) have had using their bricks, then I think Lego has to be the best value for money around.


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