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It never ceases to amaze me just how different our youngest two children are – chalk and cheese doesn’t even come close.

Middle Mudlet is very much a tomboy, scorning all things fairy, princess and pink in favour of Lego, Star Wars and the colour blue. Dresses and skirts are not components of her wardrobe and she only wears bobbles in her hair, under protest, for school because I insist that she does for two reasons:

  1. I like my girls to look smart and tidy for school; and
  2. It makes it harder for ‘little visitors’ to take up residence in her very thick hair which is arm numbingly difficult  to get a fine tooth comb through and so prevention is far better than cure, in my opinion.


Little Mudlet on the other hand, is the complete opposite, liking nothing better than to play with her dolls and fairies, dressed in pink and wearing a pink bobble. She has always been the smallest of the three girls, at whatever age, starting from being almost a pound (454g) lighter than the other two at birth, growing at a much slower pace than they did and she is much daintier than her older sisters were at her age. All of this makes it easy to forget that she is as old as she is and that her middle sister, who is quite tall for her age, is only 2 and a half years older than her.

Another difference is the way in which each can manipulate Mud and it has to be said that for all her dainty, elfin, cuteness, Little Mudlet has it down to a  fine art. She knows just which buttons to press and this is never more evident than when she goes shopping with daddy.

Although Mud uses the aging jap’ truck for his twice weekly commute to head office, on those days when he is working from home, is on holidays and at weekends, he prefers to use Annie, mainly because she has better fuel economy when used for local driving and also because he simply loves driving Series Land Rovers. The only issue with Annie is that she is a truck cab and we can only fit one child seat in, due to the lack of a third 3 point seat belt for the middle seat. So the girls take it in turns to go  with Mud.

This weekend it was Little Mudlets turn to go do some food shopping with Mud. With the girls on half-term, we only really needed a couple of bits instead of the usual extras needed to make packed lunches and so I was a bit perplexed to see him with half a dozen shopping bags on their return. Unpacking a couple of six packs of yoghurts, a multi-pack of crisps and a couple of loaves of bread, not to mention to small ham joints, he mentioned something about needing these things for the girls’ pack-ups.

“But they’re on half-term this week,” I said, “They’ll be having whatever we have for lunch.”

“You never told me that,” he said to our oh-so-innocent looking 6 year old.

“Oops,” she replied, “I forgot!”


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