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Another Lego day


Lego plane based on a  Lancaster Bomber

Lego plane based on a Lancaster Bomber

As I walked out the door to start my shopping trip, I could clearly hear Little Mudlet giving excited and exact instructions to Mud on just what kind of plane she wanted him to build out of Lego. If you have read my earlier posts, you will know by now that generally speaking, Middle Mudlet is the Lego fiend out of the two but occasionally Little Mudlet gets the bug and today, she had secured a promise from daddy to build her a plane. Mud loves playing with the Lego as well and so it was no real hardship for him.

This latest interest in Lego had been sparked by the arrival, on Thursday, of the latest Lego catalogue and both girls had spent hours pouring over it, digesting every tiny detail and choosing those items they wanted on their birthday wishlists, not to mention from Santa . Yes, I know it’s 10 months until Christmas and I absolutely forbid the ‘C’ word to be mentioned in the house before December 1st – Santa is their way of getting around this rule šŸ™‚

Swiveling gun turretsOf course the very nearly 9 year old took great delight in pointing out to the only just turned 6 year old, that it was over 6 months until her birthday came around again but this didn’t stop her little sister from making sure that mummy and daddy were fully aware of what items she would most like to have. It’s actually quite sweet watching the girls work out their wishlists. They both know that there is a budget for birthday toys and another for Christmas and as they work their way through the catalogue, Middle Mudlet will be working out how much of their budget is left, therefore preventing them from presenting lists which are over budget. She’s really rather good at it.

Forward gunner positionThis time around, though, Little Mudlet had spotted a group of three little sets from the new ‘Friends’ range which had either a little kitten, rabbit or turtle as the main character. They were only around Ā£3 each and she very politely asked Mud and I if she could have all three for Christmas. We’ll see, was our stock reply.

Anyway, as I closed the door, I just caught the start of Mud trying to explain why the plane that Little Mudlet had in her head was never really going to happen but he would build her one in which some of the mini figures would be able to sit. I smiled, knowing that Mud wasn’t ever going to win this one and sure that my beguiling youngest child would, more than likely get her way.

Lego Friends Turtle

Lego Friends Turtle

Fast forward a couple of hours and I returned, triumphantly from my shopping trip to find Little Mudlet walking around the house with a 1.5 foot long by 2 foot across ‘Lancaster’ bomber, complete with swiveling gun turrets, bombs and a bomb hatch. She was obviously thrilled and now Mud has been roped into making a similar one for Middle Mudlet tomorrow.

Series 9 Mini FigureThere was one surprise for the girls though. On my trek around town I had spotted two little items that I thought might go down well with them and so, to their delight they each received a present. Well actually Middle Mudlet got two gifts, a dinky little notebook and a Series 9 Lego Mini Figure, so that she got the same gift value as the ‘Lego Friends Turtle’ set that I had found for her sister – one of the three sets she had been talking about getting from Santa.

From the squeals of delight, I’d say that both girls were thoroughly pleased with their new things and the poor little Lego turtle has spent most of the afternoon, precariously perched in his little house which, in turn, had been fastened to the front of the plane cockpit.

4 thoughts on “Another Lego day

  1. I used to love lego as a child, but it is just so expensive these days. My children when they were younger loved the stuff, but the only lego we can ever find is a pack that makes one item and cost’s close to ten pound. I wish when I was younger I had kept mine, had a sack of the stuff, the big green piece
    But i must say, I am very impressed with what you have been making, very good indeed.

    • Thanks for that. A lot of the Lego the girls have was Muds’ as a boy. His dad kept it all and it was given to them a few years ago. We were also able to get boxes of over 1000 mixed colour bricks from the Lego website at a really good price a few years ago. Unfortunately they don’t do that size of brick collection anymore and the current box (650 bricks of mixed colours I think) is the same price as we paid for the larger selection!

      We’re picky about what sets we get for the girls as well: none of this Star Wars or harry Potter, as it just isn’t good value for money when you consider it against the content and playability of the Mining Set for example. In terms of the expense, our 8 year old plays with her Lego pretty much every day and so we find, in that respect, it is good value. That said, although she does play with Lego sometimes, we have to think long and hard about what to get for the 6 year old as she doesn’t play with it anywhere near as much as her sister preferring her dolls, fairies and playmobil horses instead, and so it isn’t as good value for her.

  2. Wow! That is a great airplane! I have 2 girls too, that love Lego, actually my husband and I do too!

    • Thank you for your kind comments. Lego building is very relaxing and it certainly keeps the girls occupied for hours. Mud built a couple of little Land Rovers from Lego, a few years ago. I’m going to have to find those pics and post them I think šŸ™‚

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