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Chocolates, a book, some seeds and a train set


Sunday this week was Mothers Day and, in true Mudlet style, using stage whispers to communicate to each other the importance of remaining quiet, my girls tried very hard not to wake me up too early. At 7.15 am, all pretense of trying to get an extra half hours sleep was forgotten and Mud called them in to give me my gifts which the girls had wrapped themselves, on Saturday afternoon.
Mothers Day gifts beautifully wrapped by the girls

Mothers Day gifts beautifully wrapped by the girls

Mud always takes the girls out to choose their presents for me and the Mudlets are equally good about keeping to themselves, what it is that they have chosen but remembering to buy wrapping paper is another matter all together and so it proved this weekend. Having arrived back with the girls, Mud casually commented that I did have wrapping paper, didn’t I?

“Absolutely”, was my response,”We have plenty of Christmas paper……. in the attic. Oh and some rather nice pirate or fairy birthday paper, left over from birthday party gifts!”

“Oh!” was the not very impressed response.

Flowers for Mothers DayResigned to having to source the wrapping paper for my own gifts, I trundled upstairs to see what other options there were in my small stash of gift wrap. I was lucky enough to come across a small piece of pink ‘Fairies’ and an even smaller bit of blue ‘Presents and Bows’ wrapping paper, neither of which sported any mention of birthdays, anniversaries or other notable gift giving occasions. There was also a decent amount of brown parcel paper loitering about as well and so I handed all three over, suggesting that the Mudlets may like to design and colour their own pattern on the brown paper which Little Mudlet readily agreed to, producing a beautiful picture a short while later. I later found another non-specific piece of wrapping paper, emblazoned with colourful cupcakes and also some bits and bobs of curling/gift ribbon, all of which were used to lovingly wrap their chosen gifts.

Mothers Day 2013Having already received a bouquet of Lilies (my favourite flowers) and cherry blossom on Saturday, Chocolates, a really good book (‘The Dream House‘ by Rachel Hore), a new pair of gardening gloves and 3 packets of sees (Carrots ‘Early Nantes’, Butternut Squash ‘Hunter’, and Swan River Daisies) made for a lovely selection of gifts come Sunday morning, especially as all but one of these had been on the list I had given to Middle Mudlet.

I spent most of the day curled up with my book, eating chocolates while Mud and the girls played with the old Lego train set that they had set up in my absence on Saturday. This particular train set was another relic from Muds’ youth and had been passed onto our girls a few years ago. It spends most of its’ time, carefully packed away into its’ own drawer in Middle Mudlets room, as it is huge, taking up most of the floor space in our small, cottage sized lounge – in fact it is almost exactly the same length and width as the rug ( 77 “x 53.5” or 196cm x 136cm ) which has served well as a temporary base board.

Mud had also decided to make them a container crane from the technical Lego to which he also attached the light units which had come with the train. The girls have had hours of fun playing with the set up, although it makes vacuuming the lounge or getting to the wood burner a bit more of a challenge than usual.

Lego track and crane with working lights

Lego track and crane with working lights

Unfortunately, the sowing of my new seeds had to wait as the weather wasn’t conducive to sowing carrots out side, it’s far too early for squash seeds as yet (April or May for indoor sowing) not because the plants wouldn’t germinate but purely down to the amount of growth they will quickly put on which is not ideal for a small cottage with limited indoor growing space. As for the Daisies, I needed to get some more seed compost before I could sow those but a trip into town yesterday soon sorted that problem out and now a tray of Daisy seeds has joined the others in the propagators on the windowsills.

Newly emerging chilli seedling - 30 days after sowing

Newly emerging chilli seedling – 30 days after sowing

I believe I mentioned in an earlier post my tendency to be impatient where seed germination is concerned and this is a particular problem I have when dealing with Chilli seeds. Chilli seeds can’t read and are, therefore, completely unaware that according to their seed packet they are supposed to germinate between 7 to 21 days after sowing. I sowed this years chilli seeds on the 7th February and so, not unsurprisingly in my opinion, when there was no sign of activity by 4th March, I came to the conclusion that the seeds had failed and so sowed some more.

You’d think I’d have learned my lesson by now, as I do this every year but no! No matter how hard I try to convince myself that it is just a matter of time, I always assume the worst and resow with the net result that both lots germinate and I end up with way too many Chillis for the available greenhouse space!

Fast forward 5 days and there you have it (or them) the first of the seedlings from the February sowing, just starting to show themselves, 30 days after sowing!!! It’s a good job we like things hot in this household πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Chocolates, a book, some seeds and a train set

  1. I have an old wooden step ladder that I am going to use as a herb garden this year rather than planting them in the ground, I am going to keep them in pots and use the steps as shelves. but still too afraid to put any of my seedlings out on to it. They are big enough to plant out side, but again today we had an inch of snow.

    Oh while I am here, would you mind if I picked your brains. We live 1400 foot above sea level, would you think it would be a good idea to buy plants from garden centre’s or anywhere else for that matter, or should I wait until the weather changes?

    • I’m only a novice gardener still but personally I’d wait, unless you had somewhere to store them, as I’ve known hard frosts hit as late as May, and even hardy plants will need time to adjust to new surroundings. A really friendly and helpful forum can be found at the Kitchen Garden site It’s free to register and the users there are incredibly knowledgeable – might be worth a visit.

  2. Sounds like the perfect Mother’s day, excellent gifts!

    • Some of my friends are a little perplexed as to how I can be so excited about and delighted with seeds and gardening gloves for presents – I guess you have to be a gardener to understand (and just a few years ago I wouldn’t ever have thought I’d be saying that)!

      Little Mudlet didn’t have the list when she chose her presents for me but she knows that chocolates are always on and that I’ll always let them have a couple each – there are no flies on that one πŸ™‚ She also knows I love curling up with a good book, although Mud had to choose the title. I’ve never read any of Rachel Hores’ books before but I’ll be looking out for them now.

      Middle Mudlet will always insist on choosing things off the list because, she figures, I wouldn’t have put them on the list in the first place if they weren’t what I wanted. Mud tried to persuade her that I’d like a slightly larger propagator which would be ideal for the wider kitchen windowsill but she was adamant that gloves and seeds (carrot and squash) were on the list and that was what she wanted to get me plus an extra packet of flower seeds πŸ™‚

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