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Are you coming out to play?


Saturday dawned cold, blustery (gale force to be exact) and decidedly unspring like ….. no change there then, but one notable difference was the arrival of snow. Being a gardener, the sight of a 3 inch covering of the white stuff, when I looked out of the window, resulted in less than enthusiastic mutterings from me but had Mud reaching for his glasses so he could peer outside and see if it was deep enough to play in.
Thomas the B2500 - not exactly a Land Rover but better than nothing

Thomas the B2500 – not exactly a Land Rover but better than nothing

“For crying out loud,” he said, thoroughly disgruntled once again to see just a few inches and not feet of snow,”If we’re not going to get a decent covering, it’s time for the weather to start warming up again.”

For once, he and I were in agreement, in respect of the warmer weather not the snow that is, as I needed the warm weather to at least start catching up with my growing, although to be honest, the disaster with the seed compost meant that the continuation of the colder weather gave me chance to catch up in terms of producing, new, stronger seedlings.

Not to be totally done out of his vehicular playtime in the snow, Mud decided that he would drive Thomas the Jap’ truck, up onto the tops and take some photo’s, something he had been meaning to do for a while now. I, on the other hand, had a couple of new posts to write which are always easier to complete when Mud isn’t around, as he has the most annoying habit of wondering in to the room and starting to chat to me about everything and anything and is then put out when I  ask him if he wouldn’t mind being quiet! I also had some more seeds to sow to try and make up for the dreadful germination rates and weak seedlings of my first sowings, as well as a few seedlings to pot on (in the hope that fresh compost might revive them somewhat).

Mud was delighted to find deeper drifts on the hill top

Mud was delighted to find deeper drifts on the hill top

A short while later, Mud arrived home with more of a spring in his step than I would espect from someone who, barely an hour earlier, was so bereft because he couldn’t go play with his favourite toy (my Land Rover) that he had decided to use a lowly photographic expedition, in the unassuming modern truck, to assuage some of the disappointment the lack of snowfall had caused. I didn’t have to wait long to find out the reason for this dramatic change in mood, as he gleefully informed me that, up on the tops, the snow and resulting drifts were much, much deeper than down in the village and, to Muds’ delight, more than suitable for putting Annie through her paces.

It was playtime!

For those of you who may be first time visitors to my blog, I should point out, at this juncture, that our 30 year old Series 3, 109 inch Land Rover, Annie, is in actual fact MY car! She was bought for me! She is mine! Not a conclusion you would easily arrive at were you to read the posts on Muds’ blog. However, as his own Landy, Ciggy, is currently in a state of partial reassembly in the workshop, I must be understanding, after all I know how frustrating it is on those mercifully rare occasions Annie is off the road for essential maintenance, and dear old Ciggy has been a work in progress for three years now. Mind you, now that Mud has been thoroughly spoiled with the roominess of my vehicle he has, of late, been hinting (not too subtly either) that once Ciggy is back on the road, she would make a much better run about for me and he could have Annie! Not a chance mate.

What Mud really wanted to do was drive the other end of the lane where he had come across 36" deep drifts - I wasn't playing.

What Mud really wanted to do was drive the other end of the lane where he had come across 36″ deep drifts – I wasn’t playing.

So half an hour to warm himself back up and Mud disappeared in Annie for a play up on the tops, stopping only to rescue the local Pub Landlord (who now owes him a pint), and very nearly suffering frostbite, as in near arctic conditions,  he tried to attach the heavy metal chain he carries for just such an eventuality, to the guys Golf, in order that he could tow it out.

In the meantime, nice and snug in our lovely little cottage, listening to the wind howling past, I had assembled all I needed for an hour or so of seed sowing and potting on and was happily contemplating a productive and relaxing afternoons planting. The Mudlets were playing ‘dens’ in the lounge and I had already peeled the potatoes which were par-boiling ready for roasting later in the day.

Freezing conditions, gale force winds and 3 foot snow drifts OR nice, warm, cosy kitchen with my seeds and seedlings .... Sorry Mud, no contest!

Freezing conditions, gale force winds and 3 foot snow drifts OR nice, warm, cosy kitchen with my seeds and seedlings …. Sorry Mud, no contest!

Another down side to not being able to work in my greenhouses or vegetable patch,  is that I had nowhere to hide when Mud returned and excitedly outlined a wonderful idea he had for getting a fabulous picture of Annie in uber deep snow! The girls and I would follow him up the hill in Thomas and I could get out of the warm car, in the aforementioned arctic conditions and take photo’s of him driving (or not) Annie through drifts of snow higher than her bonnet. What a treat for me ….. not! Also, he reasoned, if he got stuck trying to drive MY car through the unbelievably high drifts, I could tow him out with Thomas!

So let me get this right. My choices were to drive up to the top of the hill, stand in the freezing cold and take photo’s, possibly rescue Mud and my car from an impossibly high drift OR stay at home, in the warmth, sowing my seeds. Needless to say Mud wasn’t impressed with the choice I made but I stayed warm, my seeds got planted and my car is still in one piece.


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3 thoughts on “Are you coming out to play?

  1. Lol, he still hasn’t forgiven me. Apparently he can’t understand how it is that the prospect of driving in the snow didn’t fill me with joy and an immediate need to jump in the knackered old Jap truck and drive up the steep and very slippery hill to admire his driving MY landy in the deep snow 🙂 Poor lamb.

  2. Mrs Mud, we really are living paralell lives! I imagine your photo albums are much like ours- a series of carefully arranged shots of landrovers in various landscapes and weathers, oh and family occasionally present! I have spent many a day out trudging into puddles to check the mud depth and clambering up hills to get better land rover pictures! I also wonder if the gift of our very own land rover is really more about assurance of rescue when husbands are out playing in the snow and mud? I don’t blame you at all for staying in the warm with your seeds!

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