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Rocket, Sprint

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This is a record of how long this particular set of seeds took to germinate and how they looked at various stages from first appearance to the development of the first set of true leaves and beyond. I hope this will prove useful.

 Variety: Sprint
Sown indoors: 23rd March 2013
First Seedling: 26th March 2013
Germination: 3 days

Rocket is a favourite ingredient in our salads and this particular variety is fast to germinate and grow.

Rocket newly emerged

Rocket newly emerged

Rocket newly emerged - side view

Rocket newly emerged – side view

11 days

at 12 days

These seedlings haven”t thrived initially and, although still in date, I wonder if it is the fact that the seed packet was opened last year and haven’t stored well, or it might be that the position of their propagator on the dining room windowsill, proved too cold on a night time. They have finally started to ‘sprint’ but it has taken some time. I have since started another batch of seeds, from the same packet and it will be interesting to see how they develop compared to these ones.

1 month old

1 month old

What a difference a week makes

Rocekt Sprint

The same pot just 5 days later.

Rocket Sprint

Another week and loads of growth. These plants have already been harvested for salad leaves – not that you’d notice!

Rocket Sprint

The plants are now 2 months old and are now starting to form flower heads. I will still take the leaves for salad.

Rocket Sprint   Rocket Sprint Flower head forming

The second sowing of rocket is looking pretty good now:

Rocket, SprintThe rocket eventually went to flower and so I decided to let the flowers run their course and this morning I went out and harvested the seed pods, so that with any luck, next year I won’t need to buy more rocket seeds.

Rocket, Sprint

The pods were incredibly fragile but I caught rather a lot of the tiny brown seeds in a small ‘dinner money’ envelope.


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