The Land Rover Owners Wife

Little sisters can’t keep secrets …….

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.…… well certainly in the case of the Littlest Mudlet. Middle Mudlet, on the other hand, has always been able to be trusted with secrets and surprises and so I was more than a little perplexed, not to mentioned worried, to be told by Little Mudlet that Mud had told her what one of Middle Mudlets’ birthday presents was.

“Yes,” said Middle Mudlet, who had followed her sister, “It’s a box of red Lego!”

I smiled and went on my way with a cheery, “Ah but what if daddy’s joking?”

A short while later Mud explained that Middle Mudlet had told him that I had said she was getting a box of pink Lego for her birthday which had not sat well with her, as she can’t stand the colour pink. Little Mudlet had then asked daddy if he would tell her what one of her Middle Mudlets presents was, promising faithfully not to tell her. In a big stage whisper, Mud had let slip the information that it was a box of red Lego and not pink that she was getting.

I do love teasing the girls, all three of them, about potential surprises and nearly drove Eldest Mudlet mad, last year, with hints and red herrings about what her birthday present was going to be. She may well be a grown up now but there is still a part of her that will forever be 6 years old and this part usually puts in an appearance at birthday and Christmas time.

As for Middle Mudlet she doesn’t know quite what to believe at the moment but I can guarantee that a simple box of red Lego bricks would not be high on her wish list, unless, of course, it comes in a kit form ……… but then she hasn’t though about that.


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