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Spring is in the air


Squeals of delight filled the air, as eggs and signs were spotted by the Mudlets

Squeals of delight filled the air, as eggs and signs were spotted by the Mudlets

Earlier this week, the forecast for the Easter weekend made for pretty dismal and depressing reading and both Mud and I were expecting to write the whole weekend off in terms of outside jobs but, not for the first time, the predictions were wrong and we have blue skies and, as I type, the temperature is 8 degrees.

The morning started of early, with the excited whispers of the Mudlets, discussing whether or not Easter Bunny had been and by 8.30am new time (the clocks went forward an hour last night) an egg hunt was in full swing, with the girls hunting around the house for eggs of all sizes. One Thorntons Bunny each, a JCB egg complete with little dumper truck for Middle Mudlet, a Cadbury Freddo egg with soft Freddo Frog toy for Little Mudlet and 12 hens egg sized chocolate eggs later, the hunt was over and the girls were incredibly happy. Due to Little Mudlets intolerance to dairy, the chocolate will be given out in small quantities over the next few weeks, to ensure her system isn’t overloaded.

Snapdragons seedlings (antirrhinum)

Snapdragons seedlings (antirrhinum)

Livingstone Daisies (mesembryanthemums)

Livingstone Daisies (mesembryanthemums)

As the relatively warm weather has been with us for a few days now, I thought I’d better check the plants in the green house and see if any water was needed. In the smaller greenhouse, the leeks are starting to develop their second layer of leaves, the sweet peas are beginning to put on a spurt and the Livingstone Daisy and Snap Dragon seedlings which I potted on a few days ago, are looking quite perky, in one of my small propagators and under bubble wrap.

Last years strawberry runners which are currently living in the large greenhouse look to be finally putting on some fresh growth and I still need to work out just where I will be putting them but it looks like the fuchsias haven’t made it through the winter this time, even though they’ve been under shelter. Time will tell and it may just be that they are still waiting for consistent warmth before showing themselves.

I'm thinking that this is a few too many Broad beans for the space

I’m thinking that this is a few too many Broad beans for the space

Out in the beds, all the broad beans sown by Middle Mudlet and I back in November and which I had thought had been eaten due to none appearance, have all decided to start growing. This now means that the bed is a little over full, as I had transplanted some thinnings from the school broad beans into this bed, only a matter of weeks ago. I’ll thin some out in a few weeks, pot them up and pass them onto the organiser of the village plant swap.

Rhubarb MontageAs for the rhubarb, as well as growth just starting on the original crown, all three of the crowns I created from splitting the original one last November, have also started to develop new leaves which will hopefully result in bumper crops of rhubarb from next year onwards.Flowering Red Currant

Moving back into the flower/lawn section of our garden and signs of spring are everywhere, with sunshine triggering the first open petal displays from the myriad of crocuses, daffodil heads about to open and, judging by the number of flower buds on the flowering red currant branches, we’re going to have a stunning show of deep pink in a week or so.

The spring bulbs are starting to put on a  stunning display

The spring bulbs are starting to put on a stunning display


2 thoughts on “Spring is in the air

  1. It seems that you have so much more going on, I am jealous ;o). We are still waiting for the delivery of a greenhouse but the delivery driver cannot get to us because of the snow, the flower beds are still covered in snow and ice as is the rest of the garden

  2. We’ve got away quite lightly in respect of snow this year, with just a couple of inches at most in the actual village itself. Up on the ‘tops’ though, it has been a different story and one of my friends who lives on a farm, up on the hill wasn’t able to get her car (Chrysler people carrier) out of her drive, all last week because the drifting snow had pretty much covered it and the lying snow was 3 – 4 foot.

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