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The pool table is pretty full now

The pool table is pretty full now

With the weather still struggling to make up its’ mind as to what it actually wants to do, my two greenhouses are still, for the most part, out of commission for this years sowings and seedlings but with the old adage ‘time waits for no man’ lurking in my thoughts, I have been pressing on with the potting on and sowing, in eager anticipation of the day when Spring eventually arrives, closely followed, I hope, by Summer. The net result, as can be seen by my most recent ‘Nursery Pool’ photo, is that my available space is fast running out and the cottage has now taken on the general persona of ‘Greenhouse’.
My Easter gift from Mud

My Easter gift from Mud

Yesterday, en route to rare outing to Pizza Hut for lunch, Mud decided to call in at B&Q to see what propagators they had in, knowing that I could really do with a couple more smallish ones as my old ones have mostly ‘lost’ their seed tray bits (although we know that they are in the workshop somewhere with Land Rover bits in them). We ended up buying three 42cm propagators, some more 3″ plant pots and 2 packs of 5 seed tray inserts (1 pack of  40 modules and 1 pack of 12 module inserts).

Now all I needed was my new seeds to arrive.

My selection from the Real Seed Catalogue

My selection from the Real Seed Catalogue

This morning the Postie popped a lovely, large envelope with my order from ‘The Real Seed Catalogue’ through the door and I showed a great deal of constraint, opening them carefully rather than acting like a child on Christmas morning and ripping the envelope to shreds. I had stumbled across ‘Real Seeds’ whilst reading the blog of a fellow grower and had read with interest the ethos behind the organisation. Their policy of not supplying F1 Hybrids or Genetically Modified seeds, really appealed to me as did the thought of being able to save my own seed in due course. As keen as I am to become as self-sufficient as possible in all areas of vegetable growing, the idea of being able to save our own seeds from our own crops, really appealed to Mud as well and so I trawled through the catalogue, chose 8 varieties I really wanted to try and we put the order through. That was last Thursday and with Good Friday, the Easter weekend and Easter Monday, immediately following, I hadn’t thought to receive the seeds until the back end of this week and so to get them this morning was amazing.

2 of the new propagators with the larger module inserts in them

2 of the new propagators with the larger module inserts in them

So I have spent several hours this afternoon, with my hands buried in seed compost, happily planting my new and some existing seed, into my new propagators. From the Real Seed company I have sown a few of each variety received and so we now have propagators with: ‘Moretons Secret Mix’ Lettuce; Kohl Rabi ‘Azur’; Carrot ‘Giant Red’; ‘Wautoma’ Cucumber; Runner Bean ‘Czar’; Climbing French Bean ‘Cherokee Trail of Tears’; ‘Cheyenne Bush’ Pumpkin; and ‘Anna Swartz’ Hubbard Squash. In addition, I have also sown some Butternut ‘Hunter’ Squash, Cobnut Squash, a selection of herbs and some spring onions. The squashes and pumpkins will probably spend several weeks in the house before being moved into the greenhouse. The ‘Real Seeds’ also came with a sheet of instructions on how to cook them and how ‘self-save’ seeds from all but the Kohl Rabi.

Another of the new propagators with the smaller module seed tray insert

Another of the new propagators with the smaller module seed tray insert

Of course, once I had sown all these seeds and filled not only my 3 new propagators but another small one made up from one of the new propagator trays with an old lid, I then had the Mensa-esque task of working out how to fit them into the space available. A bit of jigging about and I eventually ended up with 2 small propagators on the kitchen windowsill, 3 small propagators, 2 windowsill propagators and a large propagator tray with seedlings in it, on the pool table.

I’m not even going to think about where I’m going to put all the seedlings that will, hopefully, result from this and my previous sowings but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. For now, I think it’s time for a glass of red.


5 thoughts on “Our Cottage the greenhouse

  1. You got propagators, hooray! I hope you get good results with the ‘Real seeds’ I’m really looking forward to what comes up this year, I love the names of their varieties, can’t wait for those ‘Cherokee trail of tears’ beans, we will have to compare notes! Your greenhouse cottage looks great, I’m sure the family will enjoy the pool table again soon when the weather warms up! Happy gardening.

  2. Lol. The girls were amazed at the size and colour (or lack of colour) of the ‘Czar’ runner beans, having only ever really seen ‘Scarlet Emperor’ runner seeds before. Really, really looking forward to attempting to save my own seed from these varieties, especially the Hubbard squash and the Cheyenne Bush pumpkins – I’ve a thing for the Winter Squash family. Thanks so much for putting the link in your post – wouldn’t have found them otherwise 🙂

  3. Glad to spread the word, they seem like a really nice company, and it’s great to be able to save seed. I really like the idea that they’ve trialled varieties for the British climate too, that’s often overlooked. I know I have been disappointed in the past when things haven’t done well, its a nice thought that it might not have all been my fault, might just be that they are bred for growing somewhere hot!

  4. I am envious at your green-fingeredness 😀

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