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Carrot, Giant Red

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This is a record of how long this particular set of seeds took to germinate and how they looked at various stages from first appearance to the development of the first set of true leaves and beyond. I hope this will prove useful.

 Variety: Giant Red (Real Seed Catalogue)
Sown indoors: 2nd April 2013
First Seedling: 8th April 2013
Germination: 6 days

This year is the first time I have not sown my carrot seeds directly into the beds, mainly due to the coldness of the weather and the need to get some carrots on the go. When the warmer weather finally arrives I will be sowing some more of this variety direct and I shall be monitoring both sets of seed to see what, if any gains were made from sowing the seeds in seed trays first.

it seems to take around 24hours for the carrot seedlings to reach this stage from first appearing

It seems to take around 24 hours for the carrot seedlings to reach this stage from first appearing

4 days old

4 days old

Nearly 3 weeks old

Nearly 3 weeks old

Today (4th May) was ‘d’ day for the tray sown Giant Reds and, with the sun shining and the temperature in the high teens, I planted them out into the little half sized raised bed. Using my dibber, I made a nice deep hole for each of the 16 seedlings, filled it with water and then carefully removed the seedlings from their module, placed them in and gently firmed the soil around their bases. I replaced the netting and now it is a case of waiting and seeing how they do, in comparison with the ones which were sown direct into another bed. These are about 1 month old now.

Carrot, Giant Red   Carrot, Giant Red

These tray sown seedlings are now approximately 6 weeks old and have been in their bed for 3 weeks. They have grown very nicely and are now between 2 to 4 inches tall.

Carrot Giant Red   Carrot Giant Red

After 6 weeks in their bed, the tray sown Giant Reds are growing beautifully and now stand between 8 to 9 inches tall

Carrot Giant Red

At just over 2 months since the seedlings were transplanted into their final positions, I noticed one of them was half exposed and so I decided to pull it to see what it looked like. It is quite short and stubby and a little bent.

Carrot Giant Red


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