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Potato, King Edward


This is a record of how long these seed potatoes took to appear after planting and how they looked at various stages from first appearance to harvest. I hope this will prove useful.

Variety: King Edward
Planted: 12th April 2013
First Appearance: 4th May 2013
Time taken: 23 days

I chit my seed potatoes in an egg box on a windowsill before planting them out.

Potato King Edward   Potato King Edward

First leaves are through but these will be covered at night in case of frost.

Potato King Edward

2 weeks later and the foliage is really starting to grow  – not quite ready for ‘earthing up’ though.

Potato King Edward

At 1 month since the first leaves emerged, the potatoes now need earthing up

At 4 weeks since the first leaves emerged, the potatoes now need earthing up

 At just 6.5 weeks since the first foliage was spotted above ground, the flower buds are forming on the potatoes

Potato King Edwards   Potato King Edward

A mere 2 months since the potatoes first showed themselves above ground and the first of the flowers are open, adding another touch of pink/purple to my patch. I really must earth them up tomorrow.

Potato King EdwardThe flowers have finished now and the foliage is starting to die back: 8th August

Potato King Edward   Potato King Edward

Yipee! We have potatoes.

Potato King Edward

2 thoughts on “Potato, King Edward

  1. Where did you buy your king Edward potatoes?

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