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It’s song contest time again ………….


……. well actually there is only the voting left to do but I thought I’d start this post of while all the endless bits of nothingness with which the host country always feels compelled to fill the slot between end of singing and start of voting, are playing themselves out.

The Eurovision Song Contest is a tradition in our house, one of those weird snippets of childhood nostalgia that Mud insists we relive year after year and yet where is he now?

  • Sitting beside me on our unbelievably uncomfortable sofa waiting for the excruciating parade of juries to announce their votes and, most importantly of all, who got the 12 points?
  • Awaiting with a feeling of inevitableness for the dreadful puns and jokes each jury captain feels they must make as they prepare to announce their votes?

No! Mud, like the Mudlets, is in bed …. asleep and I am holding the fort for the tradition he insists upon! I am not amused.

Yes, I know, there is nothing to stop me from continuing to type this post. No-one to insist that we need to keep these important family events going. And yet I am compelled to watch it to the very end, just in case a miracle happens and Bonnie wins it for the UK. She won’t, of course, and not because the rest of the competing countries can’t stand the Brits. No, it pains me to say it but the reason we shouldn’t win this year is because the song was appallingly bad and Bonnies’ once powerful voice has fallen by the wayside, as has happened with many of the old rock legends. Somehow I doubt that her popularity will outweigh what was a poor performance.

Of course, we can’t just sit and ‘enjoy‘ the procession of hopefuls, trying to secure success and with it, national recognition. No Mud insists that we each score every performance on a scale of 1 to 10. The Mudlets (yes they have to watch it as well) record the country and the scores we’ve given, tallying them up, as each song finishes (well at least there’s some educational value for them I suppose).

Both Mudlets think it’s fabulous to be able to stay up so late on a Saturday, although the Littlest Mudlet, threw in the towel with just 5 songs to go and I tucked her into bed between contestants. Middle Mudlet, on the other hand, was determined to make it through to the bitter end and she did, faithfully recording the scores, including a best guess for her younger sister and this year Iceland have topped our home jury with a score of 36 out of 40. Denmark is second on 35 and Russia, Hungary and Belarus are joint third with 31.

Okay so now its 10:30 pm and I’m about to go watch the voting. With any luck I will have missed a few juries. I shall return later to finish and publish this post.

Well it’s now 11.25pm. Sadly I managed to catch all the voting and the final result and, for a change the winner, Denmark, was actually in our predicted top three. The usual political voting was in evidence, although the failure of Turkey to make it into the final and the lack of Baltic states, did lead to a certain level of suspense, as the British presenter, Graham Norton, was unable to predict where the 12 points from those countries who normally vote for Turkey or the Baltic states, would end up! Wow! Exciting stuff.

On the whole, I’d have to say that this was the worst line up of songs and so called talent, to have graced the Eurovision stage for many a year with only a few of the 26 making any impression at all. Eurovision has always been about cheesy songs, weird gimmicks, national dress and artists singing in their own language but this year was a boring parade of nothing songs, almost nondescript costumes for the most part and most of the performers sang in English.

I feel that somehow the very essence of the contest has been lost, although the Greek entry tried its’ hardest to put the zinginess back into the show with a fabulous song entitled ‘Alcohol is Free‘ and brilliantly Eurovisiony dancing and play acting to accompany the song. Mind you, it is perhaps as well that Greece failed to hit the mark, although Eurovision on a budget would have been an interesting show to watch next year.

It would seem that my feelings about Bonnie Tylers effort for the United Kingdom were mirrored throughout the 39 voting countries, although she did finish in 19th with a respectable 23 or 25 points, unlike the Irish entry who was supposed to be fantastic but was mediocre at best which was also reflected in his last place, 5 points score.

So there we have it. Another Eurovision over and a whole 12 months before I have to face the prospect of this family tradition again. Next year I’ll try and probably fail, to persuade Mud that it really isn’t the same show as when we were young and as he struggled to keep his eyes open during parts of it and failed to watch the results at all, then maybe we should start a new tradition of not watching the contest …… I am not holding my breath though!


2 thoughts on “It’s song contest time again ………….

  1. I’m afraid I didn’t hold out for the whole thing, but I did have a giggle at Romania’s entry- surreal!

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