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Chives – a jewel in my vegetable garden

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We grow quite a lot of herbs in our garden, mainly in pots and mostly the responsibility of Mud but tucked into a corner of one of the vegetable beds, next to the Rhubarb, is one of my favourite herbs, Chives.

This particular cluster of Chives isn’t used for the kitchen, it was planted as quite a small group of some half a dozen stems several years ago and we have just left it to multiply and now as one of the first permanent residents in the vegetable patch to start putting on any growth in the Spring, it brings a welcome burst of bright green against the dismal, brown of the post-winter beds.

As I mentioned earlier, we don’t use this cluster in cooking at all and it is left to do its’ own thing and, in particular, to produce its’ stunning purple flowers which are, I hope, a welcome source of food for the early bees and insects. This year I have kept a photographic record of the flowers, from when they had first formed during the first week of May, until now, 3 weeks later when the flowers have opened and the full glory of this unassuming plant can be appreciated.

The individual side view pictures are of the same flower, whilst the shots from above are of this same flower and one of its’ neighbours – I hope you enjoy the show.


One thought on “Chives – a jewel in my vegetable garden

  1. Fab pix this week. By the way, I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award! I was lucky enough to have my blog nominated and it’s a pay it forward rolling award. More info at X

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