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One, two, three, four, five …….

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Third lot of mangetout planted out

Third lot of mangetout planted out

The “Oh for pities sake!!! Not again!!!” uttered by a supremely frustrated Mud last night, sent my heart plummeting to the soles of my feet, as I realised that this could mean only one thing – the internet was playing up again and that meant another phone call to the call centre … for me … first thing in the morning.

“It’s completely unusable,” he continued, as the little ‘computer and blue world‘ icon at the bottom of the screen, changed to a ‘computer and yellow triangle‘ before finally settling as just a computer. A few seconds later the ‘blue world‘ had re-appeared alongside it, indicating, it would seem, that normal service had been resumed but the ‘problem loading page‘ sign that popped up after Muds’ attempt to open his blog, belied this and then, to Muds’ annoyance, the ‘blue world‘ vanished once again. This set the pattern for the rest of the evening and we eventually gave up and tried to find something to watch instead – ‘Grand Designs’ anyone?

The sweet peas are doing nicely

The sweet peas are doing nicely

With the problem still there this morning and Mud safely installed at Head Office, I dropped the girls off at school, came home and prepared to do battle (but I remembered to make my coffee first). An hour later and I had already spoken to three separate operatives at our Service Providers call centre, over 4 phone calls and I am now waiting for the fifth call which will be from another department later on today because there is a fault on the line (no kidding) and it needs fixing, again!

So with that necessary evil dealt with, at least for now, I can turn my attention to other things.

The potatoes need earthing up

The potatoes need earthing up

Yesterday was quite a cool day weather wise, so I didn’t do much of anything in our garden other than pick some salads. I did, however, use the cooler weather to get the cabbages, Kohl Rabi, kale and cauliflowers into one of the raised beds at school and also the sweet corn but I’ll cover that in another post later.

I had already done most of the planting out, potting on and seed sowing needed in our garden during Monday and Tuesday, although I still have some bits to do, specifically the first earthing up of the potatoes and sowing beetroot along the rows, in the gaps between the seedlings that are through and growing nicely.

A burst of colour

A burst of colour

On a completely different subject, we got the proofs of the Mudlets school photo through the other day. There are three shots to choose from, all of which look sweet but none of which are good enough to entice us to part with the extortionate amount of money needed to secure the 10″x8″ photo that we would like and two smaller 7″x5″ photos which is the size we normally send through to both Nana and Grandpa and Eldest Mudlet. Mud reckons he could do better which to be fair he probably could and he plans to take a picture of the girls in their uniform, print it out and send it through to his parents and the Eldest Mudlet.

I guess that’s a sign of the times as well.

The sweet corn finally planted out and protected with a 'woollen' cage

The sweet corn finally planted out and protected with a ‘woollen’ cage

With the advent of the digital camera and the leaps and bounds of improvement in terms of picture quality, for a lot of people there is no longer a need to visit a photography studio to get a decent portrait done. What a change from those days when cameras needed film and you were lucky to get one good shot out of a reel of 24, what with over or underexposure, the film only turning half a frame, or only half the subject matter being on the photo, all of which you couldn’t tell until after the film had been developed at no cheap cost.

Tomato Side Shoots are still alive and some of them have tiny roots developing

Tomato Side Shoots are still alive and some of them have tiny roots developing

As for school photo’s back then, even the photographer with all his top quality camera, lighting and experience couldn’t see what the pictures he had taken were like and it wasn’t unusual to get a picture with eyes only half open, or a grimace instead of a smile. Nowadays, portrait photographers, just like the rest of us, can instantly see the picture they have taken and can delete and retake as necessary. The day of the bad photo has, for the most part, disappeared thanks to the ‘viewer’ and ‘delete’ functions but does this mean that the skill of the old photographers has also disappeared? The ability to know instinctively if the lighting is right, to spot that the subject had closed their eyes at the critical moment? Well judging by the proofs we received then I’d say quite possibly they have. Yes the compositions were nice and the photo’s were good but they weren’t outstanding and certainly weren’t worth paying top whack for, not in this day and age.


One thought on “One, two, three, four, five …….

  1. Hi there. While we we away a certain child forgot to hand in the school photo form and so the individual ones weren’t even taken. I was going to do the DIY ‘kids in school uniform up against a wall’ thing, so I had a wee chuckle when I read this post.
    Cheers Sarah : o )

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