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Spamish Omelette


It kind of fell apart but it went down well

It kind of fell apart but it went down well

With all the Diamond Jubilee celebrations going on last year, it probably isn’t surprising that there was a lot of reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ and the ‘make do and mend’ philosophy that was prevalent during and for several years after World War II. Even Mud and I found ourselves talking about our own childhoods in the early 70’s, about the foods we ate and society before the dawn of home computers, social networking websites and the infernal iPhone! Rationing back in the 1940’s and 50’s proved to be of great interest to the Mudlets, especially the concepts of a 2oz sweets ration, meat rationing and people actively digging up their gardens to grow what food they could.

Listening to these conversations and watching documentaries, the Mudlets became fixated with one particular food stuff that not only was a staple during rationing but was also around in our childhood, although neither Mud or I could say that our memories of it were exactly fond. So what was this food item that intrigued them so much? It was Spam!!!

“I wish we could try it,” the Mudlets said and were delighted when Mud informed them that you could actually still buy Spam and if they really did want to try it (though goodness only knows why) then he would buy them some.

And he did!

And they loved it!

Yes this awful tinned meat, that I had had to endure once a fortnight as a child, was delicious, apparently, and they haven’t wavered in their opinion. Which brings me rather nicely to the title of this post.

Spamish OmeletteWith a surplus of eggs to use up before they went off, Mud suggested I make the girls a Spanish Omelette for tonights’ tea and he would have corned beef hash when he got back from work.

“You could use up the last of the green peppers, chop up an onion and chuck in a bit of Spam,” he suggested.

So that’s what I did: Fried off one finely diced green pepper and 1 finely diced small onion in a bit of butter, added finely diced Spam (about 1/2 of a tin), added 5 beaten eggs, seasoned and voila!

Spamish Omelette (and there you were thinking it was a typo :D).


2 thoughts on “Spamish Omelette

  1. That sounds rather nice! Rob always insists on a tin of corned beef or spam when we go camping (brings back memories of scout camp!) I’ll definitely try out your omelette recipe next trip. On the make do and mend theme, I’m amazed more people aren’t digging up their gardens and growing their own food in these grim financial times!

  2. More and more are turning to grow your own – we’ll be getting taxed on home grown produce or capacity to home grow before you know it. As for the Spamish omelette – give it a try next time you’re camping, Little Mudelt tells me it was yummy, Middle Mudlet liked the Spam but has now decided she isn’t that fond of omelettes in general 🙂 x

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