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Car design with a difference


Middle Mudlets favourite pastime

Middle Mudlets favourite pastime

The two youngest Mudlets are so completely different in their likes and characters, that sometimes it is hard to believe that they are sisters.

Middle Mudlet, for example, is not what you would call a girly girl and would shudder at thought of having to wear anything pink. Except, that is, for her favourite t-shirt but that’s because it has a horse head picture on it and as horses are her adored eldest sisters favourite animal, then Middle Mudlet will happily forgive the pink background. Frilly bobbles and pretty hair clips are another no no, preferring instead to wear her hair down out of school hours and using a plain blue bobble for tying her hair back for  school. Barbies have never found their way into her toy boxes and as for the new range of ‘Friends’ Lego, that is most definitely not on her Christmas wishlist. No, it’s safe to say that Middle Mudlet is a bit of a tomboy.

As for Little Mudlet, she’s a lot harder to decipher. On the face of it she is very much a little girl, loving her fairies and dolls, dressing up as Tinkerbel, wearing dresses or anything pink! A quintet of fairies fly from a pretty flowers and ribbons mobile which hangs from the ceiling above her bed. Several sizes of Tinkerbel dolls adorn her cupboards and she has a trio of life like dolls, bought over a period of 4 years or so, each one making noises and the latest ‘Baby Annabel’ even cries real tears (but thankfully doesn’t wet her self).

Little Mudlet loves all things fairy

Little Mudlet loves all things fairy

Mud finds the whole ‘doll’ thing baffling.

“But she already has a doll that makes sounds,” was his bemused response to hearing what was on her list for last Christmas,”In fact doesn’t she have another doll that makes noises?”

Well yes she does but that isn’t the point and quite frankly,coming from a collector of old Series Land Rovers and associated paraphernalia, it’s a bit rich to be commenting on a 6 year olds’ need for yet another doll. Mind you ‘rich’ is the right word as well because these dolls can carry an eye watering price tag. ‘Baby Annabel’, for example, was around £40! But at least she actually did cry real tears AND her mouth makes the most amazing sucking actions when you give her a drink from her special bottle, oh and another benefit of this particular doll is that you don’t have to squeeze its’ arm to make it cry!

Yes, you read that correctly!

A definite pro for the ‘Baby Annabel’ doll is that my little girl is not required to squeeze its arm hard to make it cry, unlike another well known brand of interactive doll that was the original choice for her Christmas list, until I persuaded her to change her mind. Being quite a caring little soul, the thought of having to ‘hurt’ her doll to make it cry didn’t sit well and so she asked the kindly round man, who likes to wear a red suit and has a long white beard and a herd of flying reindeer (it’s far too early in the year to say the actual name), for the Annabel doll instead. But I digress.

Right! So we have now established that Little Mudlet loves all things pretty, pink and girly but, and this is where things start to get a little muddled, she also loves nothing better than to help Mud with the Land Rovers!

Getting her hands dirty doing some engineering .... literally!

Getting her hands dirty doing some engineering …. literally!

She painted Annies’ brake drums whilst Middle Mudlet stayed indoors and played with her Lego;
She has helped Mud do Annies oil change, passing him tools etc as required;
She help with Annies cylinder head refurbishment;
She even helped change the tyres on Thomas, handing the old wheel nuts to daddy with little regard for getting dirty; and
She will happily and ably tighten nuts for him when he needs a second pair of hands, showing quite remarkable strength for such a dainty child, as holding a nut in place with a spanner whilst Mud tightens the other end, is no easy matter.

Yes, it’s weird but out of the two of them, Little Mudlet is the one who will happily get her hands dirty whilst Middle Mudlet prefers to direct things from a clean distance. Both girls have the engineering gene firmly lodged in their being.

Car design with a difference

Car design with a difference

Then the other day Little Mudlet created something that visually summed up these two aspects of her being far better than words ever could. Before school and whilst I was making the packed lunches, she was happily playing with her cars …… or so I thought. A few minutes later she popped her head around the door and asked me to come look at the picture she had drawn with her toy cars. Curious, I followed her back into the lounge and there it was, an image that summed up my youngest child quite nicely …………..

………….. a pretty flower made out of cars and look, she’s even ‘drawn’ a leaf!


5 thoughts on “Car design with a difference

  1. I would have to admit that I identify with your middle Mudlet and adored my elder sister much the same way. I do however, now have an engineering degree to go along with the tomboy-ishness.

    • Lol, I reckon we may well end up with two engineers the tomboy and the girly girl – mind you it may be that neither of them go down that route 🙂 The need for engineers in the UK is huge, well done for achieving your degree – what kind of engineer are you?

      • Engineering is rampant in my family, in my immediate family there are three of us! I’m an mechanical engineer, my brother is an electrical and my sister is chemical/process. Cheers to a very useful pursuit! And even if not engineers, the talent to build/redesign etc. is a very handy skill for just about any career 🙂

        • Very true. Mud’s a 2nd generation mechanical engineer and the engineering genes appear to have made it into the Mudlets which can only be a good thing 🙂

          • They come by it honestly, then 🙂 I think it builds character (all engineers are characters) and independent spirits (everyone else wondering what the heck we were thinking when we do almost anything).

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