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Be prepared …. now that’s a good idea

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Parmex Carrots and strawberries - a couple of tasty additions to Saturday nights tea

Parmex Carrots and strawberries – a couple of tasty additions to Saturday nights tea

With the sun making fairly regular appearances and the temperatures beginning to improve, the plants in my garden are starting to look a lot happier and are putting on growth at an impressive rate, especially the strawberries and my little round Parmex Carrots both of which were used during Saturday nights dinner.

In fact, some of my charges are finally flowering and tiny runner beans and courgettes are plainly visible ……. and I would love to show them to you …. but I can’t ….. because Mud has broken the camera!

Sunday, Fathers Day, had passed in a pleasant and relaxing, rain free way, with Mud happily refurbishing Ciggys steering box, the Mudlets playing nicely together (well for some of the time) and I was pottering in my garden, planting out, potting on and sowing yet more seeds. Thankfully, I took advantage of the sunshine to take more photo’s of the garden, my greenhouse and various plants although, sadly, I forgot to take one of the tiny runner beans.

These have done brilliantly well in a tub in the greenhouse

These Parmex Carrots have done brilliantly well in a tub in the greenhouse

Mud was also taking photo’s of each step of the steering box refurb’ and was not impressed when he decided to upload his first 150 pictures or so, to find a dozen of mine in the middle but, frankly, tough! Those few photos, together with a few others I took a little later were to be used in a couple of posts marking the progress of the garden and also for a couple of my ‘seed to seedling‘ posts ……. and being prepared has certainly paid dividends, now that our lovely little camera …. no, best not say it.

So after a lovely Fathers Day dinner, the Mudlets and I relaxed in front of the last part of ‘Come Dine With Me’, whilst Mud decided to do one last bit of the steering box and get some final pictures. As it turned out ‘final‘ was certainly the correct word to use.

The end credits had just finished, when Mud walked back in and announced that he thought he had wrecked the camera!


“I’ve just accidentally knocked a load of white spirit over it!” was his sheepish response!

First priority was to get the last of his pictures off, although we could have removed the memory card to do this and so it wasn’t too much of an emergency. However, Mud attached the USB cable and was relieved to find that the camera was still able to off load the photo’s directly.

“Maybe we’ve got away with it,” he said.

Excuse me!


There is never a royal ‘we‘ in cases like this! Never, ever! This half of the ‘we‘ did not pour white spirit over the best and most expensive camera in the house!

Unfortunately, by the next morning, the camera was refusing to work! It switched on okay but the lens appeared to be jammed.

As those of you who have read other posts on my blog will know by now, Mud is a pessimist by nature, with a definite ‘glass half empty‘ outlook on life…….. unless, it would seem and as became apparent yesterday morning, that the ‘glass half full‘ suits his current situation/predicament better.

Temporarily, I now have to learn how to use this .....

Temporarily, I now have to learn how to use this …..

“Well it worked last night,” was his almost belligerent response to the discovery that the camera wasn’t working, “It probably just needs to dry out. I should have put it next to the Rayburn.”

Which is exactly what he did and it stayed there for the next couple of hours.

“Anyway,” he said, “It probably wasn’t the white spirit – the lens sounds like it’s stuck, as if there’s a bit of grit or something jammed down the side of the mechanism!”

You know when I said that Mud had tipped white spirit over the camera? Well what I should have said was that the white spirit was in an old ice cream tub because Mud had been using it to clean the muck and grime off the steering column assembly and therefore, it was full of bits of grit!

At this point, with the girls safely ensconced at school, I decided to take myself off to town to do some shopping and left Mud beavering away in the office. I got back at around midday to find the poorly camera in pieces on the kitchen work top.

“Still not working then,” was my tongue in cheek comment.

“No!” he replied.

.... which as you can see is just a little bit complicated!

…. which as you can see is just a little bit complicated!

Suffice to say that the poorly camera was shortly pronounced as completely wrecked (well it was now) and that a new camera would have to be bought at the weekend! In the meantime we have a choice of either using Muds old but still operational Fuji camera which requires a University degree to operate, or the photo option on the Cannon Camcorder. Either way, the quality is unlikely to be as good as the dear old Olympus and so I am not amused!


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