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True grit and determination (or is that desperation)


The first mangetout of the year

The first mangetout of the year

Last night Mud and I spent hours trawling through the reviews and specifications on the various digital cameras, currently available on the market. As is the norm with Mud, he was instinctively drawn to the most expensive camera that fit our specific needs and criteria but, thankfully common sense prevailed, well to a degree, and we eventually narrowed it down to two possibilities, both of which were Fuji.

We had discounted the 1 million times zoom type cameras, all right that might be a slight exaggeration but really, we’ve managed with 3x zoom for the last 8 years, with no noticeable emotional or psychological damage, so 24 times zoom was more than adequate in my opinion.

What we did both agree on, however, that a super macro mode was essential for both of us: for my ‘seed to seedling’ close up shots and Muds detailed pictures of the inner workings of the various components of the Land Rovers.

However, when it came to the colour of the camera, we had a slight contretemps.

MangetoutNow bearing in mind that a purchase of a new digital camera had not factored into the immediate, short term or even long term budget forecast for the Mud household, I couldn’t get my head around why it  seemed to make sense to him to spend more on the same camera, simply because he liked the colour. To be fair the red one did look a lot nicer than the white one BUT it was £40 more expensive!

Either way, I still wasn’t happy and eventually I took myself off to bed and left Mud to contemplate the different options.

Then today a miracle happened! Mud, still convinced that it was a bit of grit jamming the mechanism, with an air of determination/desperation (delete as applicable) had the notion that if he put a set of our most powerful rechargeable batteries, fully charged, into the camera, maybe, just maybe the power would be sufficient to force the zoom to open and guess what? He was right!

“There you go,” a happy Mud crowed, “It wasn’t the white spirit, it was a bit of grit, just like I thought!”

I looked at him with my ‘would you like to clarify that remark’ stare and he added,

“Well okay, the grit was probably in the white spirit!”

MangetoutOf course the final, most important test, was to check that the super macro mode was still working and that there was no ‘staining’ on the photos due to damage on the actual lens. So I popped out side and took these shots of my mangetout flowers at various stages of their lives and the first, small (it isn’t tiny now …… tiny was yesterday and I didn’t have a camera capable of super macro mode yesterday) mangetout.

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with the pictures, although the camera still sounds poorly, and so Mud has been reprieved ….. for now


5 thoughts on “True grit and determination (or is that desperation)

  1. Ha its great hearing others have the same kinds of discussions as us. You start off completely dismissing an electrical item, then convince yourself you really need a new one so you trawl through the whole internet looking for just the right item, price, etc by which point it’s taken so long to find something you actually might like you’ve already talked yourselves out of it and decide to go back to the old item anyway – brilliant!

  2. Yes, Camera seems to be working OK other than the lens mechanism being rather noisy. However can I just point out that it wasn’t simply a case of putting new batteries in – I had actually stripped the entire camera down, removed circuit boards and lenses, cleaned mechanisms, wiped the inside clean, dried it in the warming oven and only THEN did I put the fully charged batteries in. I suspected the camera may have been working after the strip down on Monday but by then the batteries were flat so I didn’t say anything just in case I was wrong 🙂

  3. Ah! And so the camera lives to click another day? Excellent x

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