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I bought a melon plant …..


Three's a crowd

Three’s a crowd

To be exact there were three Melon Ogen in the pot and I bought them about a month ago. I blame it on Sarah the Gardener from New Zealand because she did a post a few months ago proudly showing off the two small but perfectly formed and totally edible melons she had managed to grow. So when I saw this pot of three seedlings for sale in the garden centre, for a couple of pounds, I simply had to have them.

Melon OgenI figured I’d put one in my greenhouse and the other two could go into the school polytunnel and we could see how we got on. Granted they weren’t the happiest looking seedlings to start with, probably to do with an apparent lack of watering, and I know Sarah said in her post that she had been trying to grow melons for a few years, so I figure they are not the easiest thing in the world to try but what is life if we don’t take risks and try new and difficult things.

The seedlings have actually put on a bit of growth in the last few weeks, although the school ones have only just made it into the growbags now that there is space in the polytunnel for the bags to be laid out. Ours has been in half a growbag since I bought it and I have placed it at the back of the larger greenhouse, next to the lower shelf of the staging which, I hope, it will grow along in due course. So fingers crossed and I’ll keep you updated on progress:

2.5 weeks after transplanting into growbag

2.5 weeks after transplanting into growbag

1 month after purchase and planting up

Melon Ogen


13 thoughts on “I bought a melon plant …..

  1. I have managed to grow a few Charentelais melon plants for the first time. I need to pot on and fingers crossed, I may get a melon at the end. Mine look a bit sickly to I am nurturing them along!

  2. I bought two melon plants at the weekend! NEVER attempted them before so it’s definitely a learning curve. I planted one either end of a growbag ( never used growbags before either) so I’ll have to wait and see what happens – if anything. So keep the melon ‘tips’ coming Elaine xx

  3. Hi there. Good luck with the melons. I found they needed a long warm summer and so having them in your greenhouse should be perfect. If the melons are bigger than a golf ball then you are doing well! Have loads of fun trying to grow them.
    Cheers Sarah : o )

  4. I remember that post by Sarah. I too had my first melons last summer, small but delicious. We have a long season in Southern California, and I find the melons I directly sow do much better than transplants. Good luck to you in this new endevour!

  5. I’ve been growing melons for a couple of years and they seem to do great here, you just have to watch the watering. I’ve burst a few melons with too much water (amazing since it is 110 degrees outside). My mantra is water like crazy until they set fruit, then infrequent and deep watering. My kids LOVE watermelon from the garden. Have fun!

  6. Growing these for the first time this year, in the greenhouse.
    They were looking so lonely and friendless at our charity open gardens day.
    … and they are climbing the bamboo canes like Tarzan on speed.

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