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Strawberry Conserve – success!


Yummy stickiness - strawberry jam

Yummy stickiness – strawberry jam

Well what can I say without sounding like I’m blowing my own trumpet? Nothing really because I am thrilled to bits with how my strawberry conserve has turned out but I do think it is more ‘Jam’ than ‘Conserve’. It looks like jam, feels like jam and tastes like strawberries! It isn’t too soft but it isn’t firm like jelly either – it’s perfect, even if I do say so myself.

Last night, with the mixture cooling in the jars, it didn’t look like it would set at all and I really did think it would be more of a coulis or sauce than a spreadable jam or conserve. So last thing before bed, I popped the jars into the fridge and left to their own devices. I had tried and that’s all I could be expected to do and I knew that next time, I’d be able to do things slightly differently (for a start I wouldn’t be waiting for a bulkhead to dry before I could start the process).

The Monday morning rush for school, pushed all thoughts of jam making out of my head for a while and then it was housework, household accounts, followed by 2 hours at the school garden. Finally I was  back home for lunch and then Mud needed my help to rivet the vent mesh back onto the bulkhead which I then had to help carry onto the lawn, in readiness for more pictures for his blog. At last I found time for a coffee and then remembered my jars in the fridge.

I took the 3/4 full one out and popped the lid. To my immense relief and total amazement, I could see that the mixture had set but not ram rod firm, just to a nice, soft spreading consistency. Buoyed by this small success, the next job was to taste the jam (I’m going to call it jam because it looks more like a jam than anything else, to me) and with no scones or cream readily to hand, I decided some nice toasted white bread with Lurpak butter would do brilliantly.

I nervously enquired if Mud would like to try some, as I know that Mud will not sugar coat his views and will give me an honest (sometimes too honest) critique of the finished product.

On toast - a tasty treat

On toast – a tasty treat

Five minutes later I was tucking into a slice of toast with my own jam on it and I have to say that it was pretty darn good, tasting very much of strawberry and not too sweet. Of course my opinion doesn’t really count as I am bound to be biased but when Mud came in and started on his slice, he completely agreed with me and told me it was as good as anything you could get in the shops. Wow! That is praise indeed.

Of course my most honest and forthright critics are at school but they will no doubt be keen to try the jam when they get home and then I’ll know for sure if it’s a success but for me, right now, I am very happy.

5 thoughts on “Strawberry Conserve – success!

  1. I can confirm that the strawberry jam was absolutely gorgeous. Easily as good, if not better, than some of the supposed quality/finest/luxury jams available in the supermarket for silly prices.

    Sadly it won’t last long…….

  2. Yum! wishing my strawberries would get a move on so I can make some of my own (is your recipe secret?) I’m sure it’s much better than anything you’d buy in the shops, get your trumpet out and have a jolly good blow!

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