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I cook with spam, eat spam but I do NOT deliver spam!


So for 6 months or so I have happily posted my blog entries, responded to comments, liked, followed and even made comments on other peoples blogs, all without issue or cause to complain, until this week! For some reason known only to themselves, Akismet have decided that my comments on other peoples blogs are SPAM and, as such, they have been putting them in to the recipients SPAM folder.

I know that they have tightened up their SPAM filter and this is why innocent comments have been caught but surely they can see the ‘history’ of a blogger via their email address which is, after all, logged against each comment made, and from this history can determine the legitimacy of the comment made!

Thankfully, I have been able to liberate a few of my comments by contacting bloggers direct but this is time consuming and those of you I’ve contacted have been absolutely wonderful and ‘unspammed’ my comments but, frankly, I’m getting a little fed up now.

As per the instructions on the WP forum (a few people have been affected by this) I did contact Akismet two days ago when I realised what was happening, followed the online instructions, asked them to please sort it out and yet, here we are two days alter and still nothing!

No acknowledgement email!

No ‘we know there is a problem and we are trying to sort it out’ email!

Nothing, zip, zilch!

This is not good customer service. So this evening I have sent a second email to them and can only wait and see what, if anything, happens. In the meantime I will continue to post comments and these will continue to be dumped into your SPAM folders (unless you have already ‘unspammed’ me) and so please could you check to see if any of my comments are lurking and click ‘unspam’ so that the Akismet search engine realises that I’m a nice person who will cook with and eat spam but who would never, ever deliver it.

Many thanks.

6 thoughts on “I cook with spam, eat spam but I do NOT deliver spam!

  1. How annoying! You are spam free in my house and it is a good idea to write a post as hopefully others will unspam you. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten spam….. I’d much rather eat red currants and raspberries!

  2. I’m glad you posted this. I was able to retrieve one of your comments from my spam folder, along with another one from another unfortunate victim of false labeling. Good luck!

  3. Good post – I’ve just checked my spam box and found a comment from the person who’s made the most comments on my blog over the years had been dumped in there. Where’s the logic in that? My problem with spammers is the number of phoney followers I get every day that makes the follower count completely useless.

    • Hello Anne and thanks for your comment.

      I thought I ought to mention that your comment was in MY spam folder but that could be because you’re a new commenter on my blog, although genuine bloggers like yourself have never appeared in my spam folder after a first comment before, that I can recall.

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