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Salad days


Homegrown saladIt’s hot! Very hot! Not to mention humid and as such the thought of a hot dinner was not in the least appealing and so it is probably a good thing that we were able to have a home grown salad for tea tonight ….. well a home grown and school vegetable garden salad to be precise but it amounts to the same thing really, when you think about it.

So to make our salad for tonights tea, I popped to the greenhouses and took the last few Lollo Rosso and Webbs Wonderful leaves. My third lot of salad sowings haven’t done all that well, possibly as a result of the extremes of temperature – cold when sown on the 16th June and then boiled under intense heat for several weeks. Not the favoured conditions for successful Lettuce growing in my opinion and practically all the lettuces bolted, rapidly, making them a little less pleasant to eat.

Urm, not quite what I had in mind

Urm, not quite what I had in mind

Anyway, to my paltry handful of leaves I added a selection of Mixed Spicy Leaves, from the 6 surplus plants I had bought from the school plant sale which included Pak Choi and Mizuna, oh and some Spinach. I often add baby carrot leaves and baby beetroot leaves to my green salads but I didn’t today, although I have plenty of each in the garden.

Onto the green salad I sprinkled chopped, raw mangetout, grated raw courgette and grated carrot which came from the four Giant Red carrots I pulled from the small bed containing the seed tray sown plants. As you can see the carrots aren’t exactly straight, unlike the thinnings taken from the direct sown Giant Red bed and so I can conclude that direct sown is the best way with carrots. I plan to pull the rest of the seed tray sown plants up tomorrow and will then use the small bed they’re in for something else – more beans for example.

The finished salad was very nice and I hope to be able to add homegrown cucumber and tomatoes to the mix in a few weeks time, maybe some cooked home grown beetroot, grated Kohl Rabi, pea shoots, peas …….


4 thoughts on “Salad days

  1. Every time I grow carrots they come out the same way. I’m glad it’s not just me.

  2. I love gathering a salad from my garden. You mention using baby carrot and beetroot leaves……I grow microgreens (same thing really) and throw them on top of the salad. Some microgreens are ready to harvest in just 10 days and they add a bit if interest to the humblest of salads!

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