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The Wren, new shoots and the garden in July


A July morning in the vegetable patch

A July morning in the vegetable patch

With August just a day or two away, the sun is still shining but interspersed with a handy rain shower or two and the plants in the vegetable patch are, for the most part, thriving.

The mangetout have fully recovered from the pigeon attacks of June, so much so that ‘pick the mangetout‘ has become an almost hourly activity for the Mudlets, with several handfuls per day making their way into the kitchen. i could really do with finding a sure fire method for preserving these – freezing them hasn’t worked in the past, as the pods are mushy and tasteless once defrosted.

One of the bean pyramids coming into production

One of the bean pyramids coming into production

As is the nature of potato plants, they have now relaxed after flowering and their foliage now drapes over paths and beds where it will die back, signalling the readiness of the crop for harvesting.

The Anna Swartz Hubbard plants are enthusiastically covering every available space in the garden and the Cheyenne Bush pumpkins are, as their name suggests, sitting neatly in their allocated spaces displaying lovely bush like tendencies and not spreading too far afield. I just wish we had more than one pumpkin growing but, at the moment, the female flowers seem to be flowering during the day and not first thing in the morning which is when the males of all the other squash flowers are open and buzzing with pollinators – it is a worry but the females keep on flowering and so I’ll have to wait and see what happens.

'Side shoots' were growing out of the branches!

‘Side shoots’ were growing out of the branches!

Yesterday, In the little greenhouse I was startled to see ‘side shoots’ growing from the branches of the shop bought Gardeners Delight plants and not the branch/stem join which is where I would normally expect to see them! Not just on the one branch but all of them had shoots between 2″ to 6″ in height merrily growing upwards and so, with the help of Little Mudlet, they were snipped off and composted. With order restored to the greenhouse, we did a little more Mangetout picking and then it was in for tea.

Down the side of the workshop, when he had built it 3 years ago, Mud had hung a couple of old hanging baskets containing ivy plants suspending them from the edges of the roof struts and we have pretty much ignored these ever since. Ivy is a pretty hardy specimen and seems to thrive on a level of neglect and where these baskets are they appear to have the right amount of sun, shade and rain as the plants have survived remarkably well. The baskets themselves, however, are showing signs of wear and tear with huge holes where once there was moss.

The Wrens new nest - an old hanging basket

The Wrens new nest – an old hanging basket

Mrs Wren, recognising a quality residential opportunity when she sees one, has moved in (yellow circle marks the spot) and is raising at least one youngster amidst the roots of the ivy plant. You have to admire her quick wits and ability to spot what is possibly one of the most secure nesting places ever, situated as it is approximately 8 foot above ground and under an overhang, making it mission impossible for any opportunistic cats which may stroll by. I do love Wrens but for such a small bird, they don’t half make an awful lot of noise.

Today, the sun is shining again and I need to do some serious weeding and general maintenance in the garden ….. should keep me out of mischief for a while.


4 thoughts on “The Wren, new shoots and the garden in July

  1. I think it must be an especially good year for mangetout. We can’t eat them fast enough!

  2. I love seeing images of your garden, our veggie plot is totally barren this year as we just never got time to plant it up. I am ashamed of the wasted opportunity.

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