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A powerful incentive to weed ….

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I'm really pleased how tidy this area now looks

I’m really pleased how tidy this area now looks

… or should that be a powerless incentive? Normally, even the forecast of heavy rain from mid morning and for the rest of the day wouldn’t have stirred me to weeding action at 9am in the morning, no matter how keen I was to tidy the garden up but the loss of power for several hours from 9.05am, coupled with the almost constant squabbling of the Mudlets, was a compelling force.

So 9.06am saw me with gardening gloves on, trowel in hand and a large plant pot by my side and a determination to clear every last weed from my patch. There really is something therapeutic about clearing weeds, removing the unwanted greenery and revealing lovely clear soil or gravel in its’ place.

First job on todays’ list was the raised beds and path which were looking pretty dire and in need of some serious attention. Working my way down the path, I also took the opportunity to weed the beds either side as I passed and I was somewhat surprised to find that one of my Giant Red Carrots had gone to seed, as I was under the impression that carrots and parsnips only went to seed in their second year and our carrots never last that long. Never mind. I pulled the offending carrot out and added it to my pot for composting. I also thinned out a couple more carrots which now leaves the bed nicely spaced, with plenty of growing room between each of the remaining carrots.

The potatoes ahve spilled over sideways but all the weeds they were sheltering have now gone!

The potatoes have spilled over sideways but all the weeds they were sheltering have now gone!

By this point the Mudlets had joined me, bringing their quarrel out with them. Exasperated, I promised significant ‘time out’ in their bedroom for the next child that complained, moaned, whined or winged either at each other or in my general direction. No doubt deciding that discretion was the better part of valour, the girls headed back to the lawn area, from which point I was able to ignore their falling out. Week one of the holidays down, 5.5 more to go ….. not that I’m counting, you understand!

Back to my weeding  and I was also dismayed to find that a couple of the beetroots had also gone to seed in the next bed but, thankfully, the rest of them and the parsnips, were still growing nicely. A further beetroot was removed in the final set of beds and with the beds and path weeded and tidied, I moved onto the ground at the side of the beds.

The difference my attentions made to this area wasn’t quite as dramatic as the pathway but I cleared all the way up to the edge of the beds that run along the back fence and down the fence side of the pond. There were quite a few grass clumps in this area and these were difficult to remove and it wasn’t long before my fingers and hand began to ache.

Pretty clear of weeds and grass all the way to the back now.

Pretty clear of weeds and grass all the way to the back now.

“It’s starting to rain,” drifted up to me from the lawn. Being under the trees at the back, taking photo’s, I hadn’t realised but the rain started to get heavier and so I quickly packed my gloves and trowel away, dashed back to the house, making it in just as the heavens opened in earnest.

I still have the very back of the vegetable patch to clear and the gravel path and ‘patio’ by the back door but that will have to wait until the rain stops which may well be tomorrow, according to the forecast. Thankfully the electric came back on at around 12.30pm and so I can now use the washing machine, hoover and, most importantly of all, the kettle.

The rain appears to have ceased for the moment but unfortunately, a peaceful sojourn in the garden is out of the question, as the power cut this morning has triggered the alarms of several houses whose occupants, I must assume, are at work because over 5 hours later, they still haven’t switched the darn things off yet!


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