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A ski lift, some ponies and an Eddie the Eagle mini figure


Meccano MultisetWith the a huge push to finish Ciggys body work in full flow and the need to utilise every available dry warm day to strip and paint the remaining ‘weather sensitive’ sections, we haven’t been able to take the Mudlets anywhere so far this summer and this sits heavy with Mud. He likes to try and take them to interesting places, to pack a picnic and let them spend their pocket money savings in a gift shop somewhere. Creating the sort of memories that last a lifetime and so it should have come as no surprise to me, when he and Little Mudlet returned from a parts run to A&P, calling in at Toys R Us on the way past.
Mount Mudlet

Mount Mudlet

Except Toys R Us isn’t on the way back from A&P!

Well, they happened to be passing (yeah, right) and the net result was that Little Mudlet galloped into the house astride Beauty, her trusty NEW Hobby Horse and announced to Middle Mudlet that daddy had bought her a huge present and that Little Mudlet herself had a second present to make up to the value of Middle Mudlets present!

The winch mechanism

The winch mechanism

I sighed and tried not to think too much about how unhappy the Bank Manager might be feeling come Monday morning!

As it turned out Mud had selected a Meccano Multi-set for Middle Mudlet, feeling that as she would be able to make 35 models out of the kit, it was superior value for money and he was very pleased with himself, especially when Middle Mudlet discovered her own cordless drill when she opened the box. Middle Mudlet had never, up to that point, played with Meccano and it proved quite a challenge for her, as she tried to get the hang of the new techniques required to build the models. Of course she didn’t help herself by choosing one of the more difficult models to build in the first instance – she is so much her fathers daughter!

Eddie the Eagle never went this fast

Eddie the Eagle never went this fast

The kit also comes with a working motor and 2 separate instruction booklets containing the detailed build instructions for 12 of the 35 models, with the rest of the instructions available to download from the Meccano site itself and it was following a visit to the site that Midddle Mudelt decided she wanted to build the Ski Lift from the motorised section and so Mud downloaded and printed off the instructions for her. It took her the best part of a day to build the model but she managed it (although Mud did start it off for her).

Little Mudlets Horse Show

Little Mudlets Horse Show

As luck would have it, the actual lift part of the model is Lego Minifigure size and the Mudelts have had great fun sending various Minifigures up to the top of their mountain (a small piece of MDF board placed on top of a bean bag) and then letting them ski or snowboard back down. Single width 10 or 12 plates acting as skis or snowboards and we even managed to capture what we named the ‘Eddie the Eagle’ Mini-Figure, on one of his many runs down Mount Mudlet.

I think it is safe to say that this Meccano set gets a huge thumbs up from the Mud household, especially in terms of quality and value for money. It cost £44.99 from Toys R Us which is an offer price by the looks of things.

PLEASE NOTE: The yellow carry case was one of Muds and does NOT come with the set.

Playmobil Horse Show

As for Little Mudlet her second present was the Playmobil Horse Show Set which she also managed to build herself, only needing a little bit of help with sticker placement and one or two of the joiners were a bit stiff. She already had some of the Pony Ranch sets from a couple of years ago but this new set is from a new range and she was absolutely delighted to find that the Playmobil horses (now named Twiggy and Snowy) look even more life like.

Snowy and Twiggy

Snowy and Twiggy

She has had hours of play with this set already and it has complimented her existing collection of Pony Ranch sets beautifully. For the cost of £29.99, I think this has been another great purchase.


4 thoughts on “A ski lift, some ponies and an Eddie the Eagle mini figure

  1. I loved Meccano and Lego as a child! No surprise I turned out to be a mechanical engineer. And my gf bought me a basic Lego set for Xmas last yr so I can continue to be the big kid around the house.

  2. Oh yes …I could play with the horse set. It looks brilliant x

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