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Saving the seeds: Wautoma Cucumber


cucumber wautomaEarlier this year I acquired several packets of seeds from The Real Seed Catalogue with the aim of where ever possible, trying to save the seeds produced this year for next years growing season. So with several nice plump cucumbers ready for picking I chose a particularly nice looking specimen and set about removing the seeds.

Having never tried seed saving before, I was a little unsure how to proceed but a friend and fellow grower suggested that I slice one of the cucumbers in half, scoop out the seeds onto a paper plate, cover and leave to dry. Once the flesh surrounding the seeds had dried, I could then remove the seeds themselves and leave them to dry out completely before storing them for use next year.

So Saturday I scooped the seeds out and left them on a paper plate to allow the fleshy bit to dry out somewhat. Yesterday evening I carefully removed around a dozen seeds which will now be left to dry out completely, before being packaged andย  stored for use next year.

Potential seed for next year

Potential seed for next year

However, a visit to the Real Seed Catalogue website revealed a different method of saving the seed and I’m tempted to try this method with another cucumber. This method involves allowing the cucumber to become over ripe, then scooping the seeds into a jar of water and leaving them for a couple of days or so. The theory is that the good seed sinks and the bad seed floats. After a couple of days, the water (and bad seeds) in the top half of the jar is poured away, more water is added, the jar is left alone for another couple of days and then the whole procedure is repeated.

Once all the bad seed has floated away, the seed can then be dried and stored.

Now I’m wondering whether or not to try this method as well, just to cover all my bases as it were. I could mark each pack of save seed with the method used and then see if there is any difference in success rate or not. Decisions, decisions.

Whatever happens it’s to be hoped that between both methods I should be able to get some viable seed for next year.


6 thoughts on “Saving the seeds: Wautoma Cucumber

  1. Hi Elaine. If you are worried about them being viable then why don’t you sow a couple now. You’ll know if a week if you efforts were wasted or not. I also thought that you had to let the cucumber stay on the plant until it went yellow so the seeds could ripen?
    Just a thought…
    Cheers Sarah : o )

    • Ah but you see there in lies the problem – persuading the Mudlets to let one stay on the plant to over ripen ๐Ÿ˜€

      I have done though – it’s at the very back of the plant, hidden by the foliage and behind the tub ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. How interesting, I would have done what you did and just scooped out and saved the seeds, I guess if method 2 sorts the best seeds it would be good to cover your bases as you say. I guess you will not really find out until next year!

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