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Ciggy has a seat fitted …. vroom, vroom!

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"Vroom, vroom," said Little Mudlet ...... but then she actually IS six years old!

“Vroom, vroom,” said Little Mudlet …… but then she actually IS six years old!

As lunchtime came around today, I sat wondering where oh where was Mud. You see, at lunch time on a normal day, I would usually expect to have been booted off the computer at noon, amidst mutterings of ‘You’ve had all morning to do your blog’ which isn’t actually true but hey ho! However today, by 12.35 there was still no sign of my hungry other half coming in from the office for his totally uninspiring cheese sandwich.

So where was he? What could be keeping Mud from his food? Well I had my suspicions and they were all based around a Cockpit Green series 2 Land Rover that had come one step closer to completion.

As it turned out, this time my fears were unfounded, as other more pressing business had detained Mud, but lack of company over lunchtimes (well anytime really) is probably something I need to get used to from now on in because this weekend, a milestone was achieved with the Ciggy rebuild.:

  • A milestone offering Mud frequent opportunities to disappear into a whole new dimension of virtual Land Rover world;
  • A milestone which appears to be causing a speedy regression back into childhood …. well more so than normal;
  • A milestone that will see a 40 something, grown man behaving more like a 6 year old than his own 6 year old daughter;
  • A milestone that will, I am sure, see me become more of a Land Rover widow than ever before, as Mud indulges in activities akin to the Churchill dog in the slot machine racing car advert (apologies to non-uk readers for this reference), or Little Mudlets excited ‘can I have a go please mummy’ as we pass the Thomas the Tank engine slot machine outside Tescos!

This weekend Mud not only finished the repair and refurbishment of Ciggys’ seat box but he installed it and then fitted the brand new defender seat, purchased from A&P several weeks ago and which had, until last Sunday, been residing in the kitchen. He had the biggest grin on his face I’ve seen for a while, as, on my return from town, late Sunday afternoon, he and the Mudlets told me all about climbing into the truck cab and sitting on the seat, hands on the steering wheel making ‘vroom, vroom’ noises!

I looked at him “And I suppose you were making ‘vroom vroom’ sounds too!”

“Oh yeah!” he beamed, “it was great!”

Oh dearie, dearie me. It would seem that regression back to childhood is the least of my concerns, when you consider that at the time he was indulging in these activities, Ciggy was parked on the drive …. in full view of the neighbours …..


One thought on “Ciggy has a seat fitted …. vroom, vroom!

  1. Wow! I’ve often wished D liked gardening or DIY or something but…. 😄😄😄

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