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A cake (or two) for me


A chip of the old block I'd say

A chip of the old block I’d say

It is fair to say that as far as growing your own vegetables goes,  Eldest Mudlet is not to be considered a safe custodian of plants. On the other hand, her knitting skills are getting better, although she may not agree but when it comes to baking. I can honestly say that she can turn out a pretty good cake.

I have lost count of the occasions I have found myself, on the phone, discussing the ingredients needed for a particular recipe which has taken her fancy, whilst she was walking up and down the home baking aisle of her nearest supermarket but the end results are usually pretty good and if by chance something does fail, she often knows exactly where she went wrong.

100 cakes to bake and taste

100 cakes to bake and taste

This weekend she came on a visit and bought with her a Victoria sponge and a couple of tubs of enormous Bakewell Tart squares, both of which had been baked by her, for me. Granted the sponge had sunk a little in the middle but I suspect that was due to the size of the cake tin which was enormous, if the size of the finished cake was anything to go by ….. maybe too big for the amount of cake batter she’d made. That said, the sponge itself was cooked perfectly and the cake was a big hit with the younger Mudlets as well as myself. Mud isn’t a big cake eater but even he had a piece and I think he liked it.

The Bakewell Squares where huge but, as with the cake, they tasted gorgeous. So well done Eldest Mudlet and thank you …… oh and thank you for my Mary Berry cook book, I can’t wait to try some of the recipes.

9 thoughts on “A cake (or two) for me

  1. That was almost as subtle as your (many) Mary Berry cook book hints “I’m so jealous you have one I would LOVE one for Christmas… I suppose my birthday is too near…”

  2. Nothing better than homemade treats! Except homemade treats so thoughtfully baked by someone else especially for you. How lovely.

  3. Oh wow. I love cake. I had homemade ginger cake at my friend’s house for lunch today 😄
    And who doesn’t love Mary Berry?!

    • Lol, I know! I know! I intend to try and bake every single recipe in that book before this time next year 🙂

      Of course if Santa brought me Paul Hollywoods Bread Book then I’d be mega, mega happy (do you think Eldest Mudlet might take the hint?) 😉

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