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Little Mudlets Christmas Present


I really like the gentle scalloped edge

I really like the gentle scalloped edge

With my cardigan finished and the wool for Eldest Mudlets’ Christmas present not yet here, I found myself casting about for a suitable pattern with which to use up the remaining Sirdar Country Style DK that I’d used for my top. I had approximately 75g of wool left over from the 9 balls I’d bought and I knew that Kate had ordered a bag of 10 and so probably still had the other one in her shop (she did – I checked).

This gave me 125g of yarn and so the challenge was to find a pattern that wouldn’t use more than that but would produce a cardigan for Little Mudlet.

The first block of fern lace completed and the second started.

The first block of fern lace completed and the second started.

Of course there wasn’t actually a pattern readily to hand that I could use per se, however I did some thinking out of the box and came up with a plan which may work and so, using a childrens pattern that I already had to work out the stitches needed, lengths etc, I set to work. I am knitting Little Mudlet a bolero length top, using the fern lace pattern from my cardigan for the bottom edge and possibly the zig zag or something similar for the yoke.

Using the thumb method I cast on 87 stitches, knitted two rows of garter stitch and then started the fern pattern. I have now done a complete set of the fern lace and I am really, really pleased with how it looks, especially with the gentle scalloped edge and I intend to continue until the piece is 2.5 inches shorter than stated in the pattern I’m using as a measurement guide.

I’m winging it slightly (well okay a lot) and only time will tell if it works …. fingers crossed.

2 thoughts on “Little Mudlets Christmas Present

  1. It’s great! You’ll be fine. Remember you can always do short sleeves 😄

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