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Christmas knitting progress


I think I'll call this cardigan 'Fern Forrest Fairies'

I think I’ll call this cardigan ‘Fern Forrest Fairies’

I haven’t had much time over the last week to really get on with knitting Little Mudlets Christmas top but I have finally finished the back piece and have cast on and commenced the Fern lace on the Left Front.

Obviously, not having a pattern to knit to has been a challenge, as I try to devise a pretty pattern (Little Mudlet is a girly girl) whilst managing to keep the size and shape correct. I chose to do 2 blocks of the Fern lace before using 4 rows of reverse stocking stitch to create a clear divide between the Fern and the next pattern block.

'Fairies' border - can you see their wings?

‘Fairies’ border – can you see their wings?

This was where it got tricky. I had to come up with another pattern to incorporate without the benefit of a pre-printed pattern to aid me. I counted the stitches and realised that these were divisible by six and from that starting point I created the next pattern border which probably has a name but I’m calling it ‘Fairies‘ and if you look carefully enough you can see their feet, dress skirts, wings and head …. you can, I promise.

'Forrest of Trees'

‘Forrest of Trees’

Another block of reverse stocking stitch divided the ‘Fairies‘ from the ‘Forrest of Trees‘ – well the Mudlets had to  get their imaginations from someone and besides, there are trees, short ones and tall ones and a canopy of leaves from others which are hidden from view.

So now all I have to do is recreate these patterns on the front sections and then think about what sort of sleeves I’ll be knitting for it. All in all, though, I am really, really pleased with how the back has turned out.


6 thoughts on “Christmas knitting progress

  1. I love that the patterns have meanings. I can really see the ferns, the fairies and the trees.

    • Little Mudlet is mad about all things fairy, has seen most of the Tinkerbel films and during the summer watch the film ‘Fern Gully’ which she loved. I’m guessing a sub-conscious hand was guiding me (or maybe a fairy) as the top two patterns took shape 🙂

  2. It’s fab. And I’m glad it isn’t pink. Not everything little girls wear have to be pink!

    • Thanks Claire

      You wouldn’t generally catch Middle Mudlet wearing pink (although her favourite t-shirt is pink but it’s only her favourite one only because it has a horses head picture on it).

      Actually, Little Mudlets favourite dressing up outfit is a Tinkerbel dress and that’s green, so this top should go nicely with it (when she chooses to wear it on the coldest day of the year ;))

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