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Gardening Club: Harvest Festival


Pride of place for the pumpkins and squashes

Pride of place for the pumpkins and squashes

Over the last few weeks, 18 of the gardening club children have been practicing their words for our Harvest Festival piece. They have worked hard, giving up play times and lunchtimes to practice and they’re pretty good. This will be the first time Gardening Club will have taken part in the schools Harvest Festival celebration and hopefully, it will become an annual event for them, celebrating their successes in the school vegetable patch and what a year we’ve had so far.

With many of the plants coming to the end of their production and the potatoes due to be lifted in the next few days, I can proudly announce that so far this year we have produced:

Vegetable/fruit type Weight/g Quantity No of Harvests
Apples 1237 15 1
Beans Broad 31 14 2
Beans Rattlesnake Pole 1196 291 11
Beans Runner 879 64 8
Beetroot 2562 50 5
Cabbages 3501 6 0
Carrots Nantes 998 49 5
Carrots Parmex 1861 185 10
Cauliflower 1319 5 0
Chillis 31 8 1
Courgettes Normal 4278 28 13
Courgettes Round 2910 22 10
Cucumber 2254 10 5
Kale Green 116 0 2
Kale Scarlet 581 0 5
Kohl Rabi 1860 5 5
Onions 1853 20 5
Pea Farm Pods 534 168 7
Pea Green Pods 228 89 3
Pea Purple Podded 358 59 5
Peas Shoots 29 0 2
Plums 2840 155 2
Pumpkin 6390 2 2
Salad Leaf 202 0 2
Spinach 155 0 2
Strawberry 728 85 7
Tomato Cherry 1577 93 7
Tomato Moneymaker 883 13 4
Winter Squash 436 2 2
Bowls of freshly picked, washed and chopped produce made tasty snacks for the children

Bowls of freshly picked, washed and chopped produce made tasty snacks for the children

We do still have some tomatoes, cucumbers, chillis, runner beans and round carrots to harvest, as well as curly and green kale, spinach, leeks, some onions, the pears and the aforementioned potatoes but I think the children have done quite well this year and should be extremely proud of their achievements.

Highlights have to include the supplying of so many tasty fresh snacks to the class rooms, the success of the Summer Vegetable Scheme and also the handing over of so many freshly picked vegetables to the kitchens for inclusion with the lunches.


9 thoughts on “Gardening Club: Harvest Festival

  1. How lovely, I miss those annual school activities now mine are all grown. I love to see children when they put on a show for parents, they are such proud little things.

  2. What a great year of production and a wonderful success for the children. This is very encouraging. I hope the club continues to flourish in the years to come. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Hi Elaine. Wow you are so organised to count our every pea and plum! What a great harvest you have had. Cheers Sarah : o )

    • Well the information is forwarded to the school each year and then they are able to use it in maths lessons etc. So having numbers of things is great for helping with mean, mode and median lessons. i also measure lengths of beans/courgettes/cucumbers and circumferences of pumpkins/round courgettes/cabbages and so on.

      We now have 3 years worth of data which can be used for comparisons and so on and so forth πŸ™‚

      I only count pea PODS though (I’m not that pedantic ;))

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