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Autumnal flowers for the table

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I'm not a flower arranger but I was pleased with how this turned out.

I’m not a flower arranger but I was pleased with how this turned out.

I love the look of flowers and candles on the table and whenever there are sufficient flowers or foliage about the garden, I endeavour to use some of them, to brighten the table and make our dining experience just that little more elegant.

Autumnal Flower ArrangementAt this time of year there are slim pickings in the garden but we do have a Chrysanthemum with masses of gorgeous dark orange, miniature flowers on it which adds a much needed burst of colour during October and November. We did have four of these bushes at one time and Mud planted them into my only flower border, as small plants. By October, however, the bushes had completely taken over the border, forming a solid block of green and orange but due to their large, dense bush structure, they had prevented many other plants from putting in an appearance from mid August onwards and so while Mud thought it was worth it to have such a show in the Autumn, I felt that colour through out the summer and into autumn was the better option.

A bit of sparkle

A bit of sparkle

Consequently and much to Muds’ annoyance, come the spring of the following year, I removed two of the four bushes allowing room for the other plants to grow and shine and yet maintaining some colour for later on. The hard winter of 2010/2011 killed off one of the remaining bushes and we now only have one of them left but it still fills its’ section of border and provides me with flowers for the table center and, so long as I take off all the dead wood each year, it comes back stronger each autumn.

Reuse, reduce, recycle: ribbons and balls from last years crackers

Reuse, reduce, recycle: ribbons and balls from last years crackers

So with the nights closing in and feeling the need to brighten up the dining room, the other day I took my scissors to the various plants outside and came up with this table center. As well as the ‘mums’, it also has marigolds, a few red geraniums and some foliage from the hedge. I’ve pinned the edge pieces in place using both wire ‘u’ clips and some little ‘diamante’ like studs and amongst the leaves and flowers, are some gold ribbon and tiny glass ball decorations which actually formed part of the decoration on last years Christmas crackers. Mud bemoans my hoarding ‘but it may come in useful’ tendencies but these pretty little bits of sparkle really do lift the design in my opinion.

Autumnal Flower ArrangementThe flowers and leaves have been pushed into a circle of oasis (which is actually three semi circular pieces in a plastic holder) which along with the holder, came as part of a flower arrangement I received last year and which I have used repeatedly since. The candle holder Mud made from one of Annies old drive flanges, fits nicely into the center of the holder and a tall candle casts a gentle glow over the whole thing,

All in all, I’m quite pleased with this one.


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  1. That looks lovely! I love that it is made from Land Rover parts. Nice to bring some Autumn colour into the house. I definitely go along with “reduce, reuse, recycle” and have boxes of bits for wrapping or sewing or broken things that can be mended about the house. I’ve hung on to a bit too much so currently have a couple of “to donate” boxes on the go – craft stuff to a teacher friend, other things to local charity shops!

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