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One down and a sneaky peek


A little bit of sparkle

A little bit of sparkle

Over the last few weeks I have been slotting the knitting of the little green top in whenever I have had a few minutes spare and today I can declare it finally blocked and finished. Considering I wasn’t working from a pattern and I had no idea how far my 3 balls of yarn would actually get me (especially as one of these was already partially used), I am really rather pleased with how this project has turned out.

I did the border before the sleeves

I did the border before the sleeves

By the time I had finished the second front section, I knew that I wouldn’t have enough yarn left to do full or even three quarter length sleeves. I also had the border in mind as well and so decided to join the shoulder seams and knit the border before starting  on the sleeves.

4 inches of yarn left: that's what I call  cutting it a bit close

4 inches of yarn left: that’s what I call
cutting it a bit close

As I really liked the scalloped edge created by the ‘Fern’ lace pattern on the back and front sections of the top, I decided that this part of the pattern was a must for the little sleeves, opting for a loose fit rather than anything more fitted. As with the other sections I started with two rows of knit and then began the fern pattern. Once one complete set of rows had been completed, I followed this with 4 rows of garter and then began the ‘trees’ section but as it turned out, by the time I had finished the first sleeve, there really wasn’t much yarn left at all.

Blocking really makes a difference with this sort of pattern

Blocking really makes a difference with this sort of pattern

So I turned my attention to the second sleeve and knitted until I literally ran out of yarn which was at around row eight of the ‘Trees’ section. Luckily the look of the sleeve at this point was actually quite nice and so I took the decision to pull back the first sleeve to this point which not only resulted in a matched pair of sleeves (kind of essential really) but freed up some much needed yarn for the sewing together phase. By the time the last seam had been sewn, only 4 inches of yarn was spare – that’s what I call a close run thing.

I had already bought a pretty little button for Little Mudlet and this was added before I pinned the completed garment out which was also a challenge as I had no pattern to guide me in terms of overall length and width, covered it with a damp cloth and left it to ‘block’.

Sirdar cardigan topAnd so here we have it, the finished ‘Bolero’ sized top for Little Mudelt and I have decided to call it my ‘Fern Gully’ bolero. The lace patterns have ‘relaxed’ beautifully thanks to the blocking. Unbelievably the younger Mudelts have happily accepted my claim that this top is for Eldest Mudlet even though it is tiny being just 42cm across from shoulder to shoulder and 32cm long……

Well we wouldn't want to spoil the surprise now, would we ....

Well we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise now, would we ….

……. and talking of Eldest Mudlet, here’s a sneak preview of her yarn. I haven’t got the pattern as yet as it was missed off the order but it has now arrived in the shop and I will be able to collect it tomorrow and then I can start this Christmas project. In the mean time I’m currently using some left over yarn to knit mittens to go with a bonnet which will be accompanying a load of other baby/children woolens, hand knitted by various villagers, all of which will soon be going to an orphanage on the continent.


4 thoughts on “One down and a sneaky peek

  1. Such a pretty project. Talk about making the most of your available yarn!

  2. Oooh it’s lovely. I really like how you’ve done the sleeves!

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