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A Bonnet and mittens


First size bonnet and mittens

First size bonnet and mittens

I can get quite impatient about lots of things and don’t like to put things on hold, so to speak, and often I won’t happily put a new book down until it is finished and if I do have to, I’m counting down the minutes until I can pick up where I left off. Staying up until the wee small hours to finish my latest 1000 piece jigsaw is another example of my impatience and when it comes to knitting, I am just the same wanting to start a project and then once it is started feeling an overwhelming need to keep on knitting until I have completed what ever it is that I am knitting.

Life sometimes gets in the way but I try to weather these irritating interruptions with at least a semblance of graciousness but it can be difficult, I mean husbands and children don’t really need feeding three times a day do they? Surely clean clothes aren’t really a necessity? And who needs sleep anyway? 😀

That is why I love to knit baby clothes. They are usually finished in just a few short days and that ticks all the important boxes of my need to complete a project as soon as possible, whilst allowing me to keep the hard earned accolade of ‘Supermum’ with my Mudlets and fulfilling most of my housewifely duties to boot.

With Little Mudlets Christmas top finished all bar the sewing up and the none arrival of the pattern for Eldest Mudlets top meaning I couldn’t immediately move onto that project, I was seriously in danger of having nothing to do for at least one of Muds’ evening internet surfing/blog writing sessions. I was also trying not to think about the fact that Christmas was just a few weeks away now and as well as Eldest Mudlets Christmas present not even being started yet, I still had to find a pattern and then make a top for Middle Mudlet.

Warm and cheerful: pretty in pink

Warm and cheerful: pretty in pink

Then the Senior Dinner Lady at the Mudlets’ school asked me if I was knitting any projects at the moment. Apparently, she and several other knitters in the village have been beavering away making lots of baby garments for an orphanage in Europe (I can’t remember where exactly) and she wondered if I would have time to make anything. So Tuesday evening, once I had finished the ‘Fern Gully’ Bolero style top, I rummaged through my oddments and came across the left over yarn from my pink baby jacket  and thumbed through my patterns to see if I had anything that would be suitable for both the amount of yarn and the time I had available.

I ended up making this charming little bonnet and matching mittens which are patterned using a moss stitch and were ever so easy and quick to knit up. I was able to recycle a button from an old school shirt of Little Mudlet and I have sewn the set together using a length of bright pink yarn, so that they don’t get separated on their journey. It will be nice to think of an orphaned or abandoned baby wearing these during the cold winter months.

I now have the pattern for Eldest Mudlets top and the first panel of the pattern is finished. It looks lovely, although there was a section of the pattern that had me flummoxed for a short while and the yarn which is 60% cotton, is really nice to handle and knit. I will be taking photo’s during the knitting up but as this is a Christmas present, I won’t be posting a blog about it until after Christmas …. much to Eldest Mudlets frustration 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Bonnet and mittens

  1. This is so sweet and NOBODY knits sweet things anymore! I have my mother’s old knitting book from the early Fifties and the clothes for children are adorable! I have no grandchildren yet. Sigh.

  2. Fabby little set. It is nice to knit small things for a good cause in company of other folks isn’t it?

  3. I completely understand your impatience to complete a project you’ve started. I have exactly the same tendency. I tell myself that I should be enjoying the process and be more relaxed about the whole thing but no, I go hell for leather until I’ve finished. I even watch the clock in the evenings thinking, ‘well if I do dinner, then that pile of washing, then help Freya with her project, I can sit down at 8 for 2 hours knitting.’ Then I get cross if my plans don’t go to plan! And this is meant to be relaxing !!!!
    I love your baby set. There is so much more I would like to get involved with too.

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