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More autumn colours for the table


Flower ArrangementWith the table flower arrangement looking more than a little tired, I decided it was time to put my design skills to use again and tootled out to the garden to see what was available. Uummm, not much then.

Actually, that isn’t exactly true because there is still a plentiful supply of the tiny orange mums and the fuschias have the last few flowers valiantly adding an unexpected dash of pink to a predominantly orange/brown pallet. However, for the purposes of a table centerpiece orange and green was the best I could hope for.

In need of a trim: this shrub has taken over the whole front corner.

In need of a trim: this shrub has taken over the whole front corner.

First port of call was the front garden where foliage from an oversized evergreen (which we had intended to remove earlier this year but time had marched on by and now with berries in abundance, the needs of the local wild bird population had caused a postponement of the removal), would add structure to the arrangement.

A bountiful supply of orange flowers

A bountiful supply of orange flowers

The back garden provided the ubiquitous orange mums.

Whilst snipping the branches off the chrysanthemum bush I noticed how pretty the leaves on the neighbouring fuschia bush looked and the clumps on the growing tips of the branches were next to be snipped. It was then that my garden surprised me with the tiniest hint of blue, hidden amongst the dense foliage of the flower bed.

A hint of blue

A hint of blue

Flowers and leaves selected I then spent a relaxing 20 minutes or so putting together my new centerpiece.

Flower arrangementSo there you have it ……. more autumn colours for the table.


2 thoughts on “More autumn colours for the table

  1. Lovely. I wish I had your instincts for stuff like this. My idea of flower arranging is putting a bunch from the shop in a vase!

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