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Mary Berrys Special Fruit Scones


Beautifully risen and tasty to boot

Beautifully risen and tasty to boot

So with the first recipe from the ‘Mary Berry 100 Cakes and Bakes‘ under my belt (quite literally), I decided to try another and this time I settled on one of her scone recipes. My girls love fruit scones and I’m quite good at making them anyway but I thought it couldn’t help to try another variation.

This recipe was slightly different to my normal one as it included the addition of 1 beaten egg made up to 150ml with milk BEFORE being added to the dry ingredients. Then the method says to mix well until a soft but not sticky dough is achieved. I’m thinking this is a bit like kneading bread until the stickiness has gone.

The recipe made eight 2 inch scones and they were fabulous, rising beautifully with a soft, smooth outer texture and a fluffy inner. I will try and remember to take internal shots next time I make these. The also tasted pretty good too.

So there you have, second recipe completed, 98 to go!


2 thoughts on “Mary Berrys Special Fruit Scones

  1. I smell a challenge stirring… I too will be trying to bake some of Mary’s (including Paul’s) recipes based on the Great British Bake-Off. Have a great 2014 to you, Mr. Mud and the mudlets 🙂

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