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A brrrrracing walk

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The view from the path behind the Cleethorpes Leisure Centre

The view from the path behind the Cleethorpes Leisure Center

That’s what Mud said we all needed, as we relaxed in front of the toasty warm log burner on Saturday evening. A horrified glance passed between Eldest Mudlet and I as the younger Mudlets, with all the enthusiasm of youth and no thought for windchill factors or the fact that it is the end of November, gleefully agreed to daddys’ plan of a breakfast out followed by a bracing walk along Cleethorpes sea front on Sunday morning.

Eldest Mudlet had come home for some much needed mummy time following a split with her boyfriend of three years and had been happily contemplating a night out with friends when Mud had made his announcement and she certainly hadn’t come prepared for an excursion along Cleethorpes sea front which, trust me, this late on in the year is akin to an arctic exhibition.

Talk of the proposed trip, now greatly anticipated with much excitement by the younger Mudlets, brought back vivid memories of another such expedition, some 10 years earlier when, whilst around 16 weeks pregnant with Middle Mudlet, Mud suggested that he and Eldest Mudlet (then aged 12) take their radio controlled buggies to the beach.

It was the back end of October as I recall and cold, wet and windy but I thought that if they wanted to go then why should I stop them. Unfortunately Mud felt that I needed some fresh air and so it was that one Sunday morning I found myself up and out of the house at some ridiculous time, on the way to Bridlington.

Anyone who has been pregnant whilst in full-time employment, will know how important lie ins are and that being forced to getting out of bed before you absolutely have to on a Sunday, is not acceptable behaviour.

Two hours later, huddled into as many layers as I could manage, I found myself standing on the beach at a unbelievably cold and windy Bridlington South Beach watching Mud and Eldest Mudlet racing their buggies up and down the sand.

It was cold!
It was wet!
It was Windy!
And I wasn’t feeling too brilliant!

Three Mudlets all in a row

Three Mudlets all in a row

One hour or so in and with my extremities in serious danger of frost bite, I began to feel more than a little peckish. A glance at my watch confirmed that it was midday.

“We’re going to have to get some lunch,” I managed to say despite my violently chattering teeth.

“What!” was Muds’ aghast response,”But we’ve only just got here!”

I pointed out that that this wasn’t actually the truth and that over an hour had passed and it was now lunch time and I was starving. Mud looked thoroughly fed up (excuse the pun) and pointed out that he wasn’t hungry and that, unlike me, he hadn’t had any breakfast!

Handy Hint: Never, EVER argue with a pregnant woman, especially over the amount of food she needs – you won’t win and it will get nasty!

Between gritted teeth (which in itself was a quite amazing feat bearing in mind that my teeth were chattering wildly) I pointed out that he wasn’t growing a baby and I was and so I needed feeding at regular intervals!

Suffice to say we left quite soon after that and had a lovely hot lunch in the cafe of a very well known supermarket.

Ship spotting on Cleethorpes promenade

Ship spotting on Cleethorpes promenade

Fast forward 10 years to this Sunday morning and once again I found myself wrapped up and down at the beach. This time, however, we wondered along the promenade, stopped to play the snakes and ladders game which was in one of the viewing areas and generally ambled along trying not to notice the freezing cold air and nippy breeze. Mud and the Mudlets were ship spotting which didn’t take too much effort as there were at least 8 different car transporter and cargo ships queuing to get into port.

Unfortunately our walk was blighted somewhat by the dreadful amount of dog mess which was on the promenade. At one point Little Mudlet had to walk into a deep puddle to clean the bottom of her shoes off and it made us grateful that we hadn’t brought the wellies, so the girls couldn’t walk down onto the beach. Judging by the number of dogs walking on the sand itself and if the state of the promenade was anything to go by, I dread to think how many piles of mess were lying hidden because some irresponsible dog owners couldn’t be bothered to clear up after their pets.

Overall though, we all felt better for the walk and even Eldest Mudlet who went home yesterday, enjoyed her visit and said that it had really lifted her mood and made her feel much better. That said I still wholeheartedly believe that ‘bracing sea side walks’ are best undertaken on scorching hot days …….


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