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Beds, Bears and Mudlets too

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A big bed for my baby girl

A big bed for my baby girl

“Tatty Ted!” was the delighted squeal uttered by Middle Mudlet last Friday when she opened the door of her bedroom, expecting to have to rearrange her teddy bears which I had told her I’d moved but not had time to put back, when I had changed her bedding earlier that day.

In actual fact they did need rearranging because I had moved them from her bed and onto the floor, during the process of stripping her tired old Disney Fairies duvet set (which we had bought when she was two years old and before we realised she was a tom-boy) off her bed and in readiness for moving her very old and uncomfortable mattress downstairs.

“Why don’t you get in and I’ll take a picture of you snuggled under,” I suggested and she was more than happy to comply, as ‘Tatty Ted’ is, apparently, an acceptable compromise between the tom-boy side and the little girl who loves her Teddy bears and wouldn’t want to be without them.

"Tatty Ted" was a welcome change from fairies for our tom-boy

“Tatty Ted” was a welcome change from fairies for our tom-boy

Middle Mudlet climb into her bed, snuggled under her new covers and then it happened ……. the smile that lit up the room and made all the hard work, trials and tribulations of the day worth while. The beaming great smile that signalled her realisation that her tired, uncomfortable broken springed mattress was gone and in its’ place was her comfortable new memory foam one.

Unbeknownst to her, the manufacturer had called mid week and moved the delivery date forward and it had been really hard to keep the news from her, especially when I had seen her valiant attempts that very morning, to be as excited as her younger sister about the arrival of Little Mudlets new bed and mattress.

Little Mudlets new bed and mattress!!! Oh my, now that was a trial and a half to put together when you consider that Mud and I had to assemble the 1950mm long bed frame in the 1980mm wide bed room! At one point it was looking like poor old Mud was doomed to spend the rest of his days trapped between the window and bed frame because (much like the man who paints himself into the corner) he had assembled himself into a 6 inch or so wide space and couldn’t actually climb out over the half constructed bed frame until we had, with great difficulty, attached the head and foot boards.

"My room's all tidy' Little Mudlet had announced to me .... I was not amused

“My room’s all tidy’ Little Mudlet had announced to me …. I was not amused

Finally though, the frame was up, the mattress in place and I was able to dress the bed and then began the process of fitting Little Mudlets large number of toys back into what was now a significantly smaller amount of storage space. Mind you it took far less time to put it all back in compared to the three hours it had taken me to strip the room in the first place and when you consider the size of the 8ft x 6.5ft room, that is a staggering amount of time.

I have to say that Little Mudlet looks tiny in her new bed but she is thrilled with all the space she now has and she especially loves the fact that her bed is now next to the window.

I would like to add that we ordered our mattresses from Next because if you ordered a mattress from them then they offered a mattress collection service for the reasonable charge of £20 per mattress, for each mattress purchased. So we ordered two mattresses, one of which was coming direct from Next and the other from the manufacturer. The order went through and I awaited the arrival, by courier, of the two mattress collection bags the following day.


What I got was a phone call from Next, informing me that the ‘direct from manufacturer’ mattress wasn’t eligible for the collection service so they would be crediting us with £20!


Middle Mudlets magic mattress

Middle Mudlets magic mattress

The whole point of ordering from Next was to avoid having to store the old mattresses outside for the ‘up to two weeks’ that it takes for the local Councils Bulk Item Collection service (which is free in our area) to turn up to cart them away. Mud and I weren’t exactly thrilled with this news, as we felt this should have been pointed out to us at the time the order was placed which was actually in a Next store and not on-line. However, in this case with the early arrival of Middle Mudlets mattress we were able to have her old single sized mattress taken away and that leaves us with Little Mudlets much smaller and thinner junior bed sized one to dispose of.

Oh and one last thing, Middle Mudlets new mattress was a great piece of magic to break up the afternoon. It arrived rolled up like a swiss roll, was just an inch or two thick once unpacked and rolled out BUT it expanded and grew and two hours later had reached around 7 inches depth – fantastic (yes, I know I need to get out more).


One thought on “Beds, Bears and Mudlets too

  1. I would have been impressed with the growing mattress too. No wonder they weren’t able to collect everyone’s redundant mattresses along the way.
    Having a duvet cover to be proud of would have delighted me at that age too.

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